The Force Is Strong

UPDATE: They are unhinged to the point of becoming tin foil hatters. Now they want lefties to take our picture to prove we are being paid.

The elite media and those who serve them are becoming unhinged. Remember one of the cardinal rules found in Rules For Radicals – Ridicule your enemy. Having ridicule thrown in your face is hard, because there is no real way to argue the point. You can argue the point of no big government. You can argue the point that global warming climate change is not man made. You can argue the point that illegal immigration is very, very bad for the country.

But argue them calling you a doodie head? Calling you a tin foil hatter or birther? How do you argue that? The conversation goes from making the points above to defending yourself. Once you start down that road, you are on a slippery slope. You are in danger of invalidating everything that you and others are working to achieve by letting your emotions overwhelm your intellect.

Don’t let the media drive the conversation. In the famous words of Red Leader speaking to Luke Skywalker as they entered the final approach to the Death Star, “Stay on target.”

With all of the laser cannons blasting at them, trying in vain to swat the gnat-like x-wings “Stay on target.” They cannot get us with the broad sweeping rhetoric, so they have taken to sending out imperial tie-fighters to attack us individually. Stay strong. Stay on point. Do not fall for their side-bar engagement. The fact that the mouthpiece media and Democrat leadership are beginning to attack, personally, those who are dissenting means that we have struck a nerve and they are afraid.

We are here to stay. The force is with us. Stay on target.

On a completely unrelated note, these are the people we are supposed to trust with our country?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


14 thoughts on “The Force Is Strong

  1. What a fun read! With an undercurrent of total common sense. You’re right, VOW, but can we laugh in between bouts of “staying on target?” I’ve had such fun turning in myself and urging others to do so to the address that I’d hate to give it up.

    My last message:

    I understand the patriotic thing is to turn yourself in if you don’t believe in the health care experiment. So I suppose I must. I don’t guess I’ll turn in my friends, relatives, and neighbors who also feel the same way, as the list would be too long, and I’m not really inclined to play the “snitch” game anyway, no matter how “fishy” one’s expression of their beliefs.

    The last time I checked, the First Amendment was still in place.

    Wishing all of you good health…..

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  12. Now I’m going to have to go back and re-watch the movies just to look for the comparisons (I’m sure to find many).
    I do recall that, in the end, good overcomes evil.
    One must be ever viligant to resist the temptation to go over to “The Dark Side”, for it will surely be ones undoing.
    Stay on Target….one and all!

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