My Healthcare Response

From this blog, I read a post saying that there needs to be a Healthcare Strike day in September to show congress that we all want Nationalized Healthcare. The comments were many when I arrived, many for, and many against. Below is my comment, in the event it gets ‘moderated’ out:

Whew! Lots to digest. The problem lies with the skyrocketing costs- to the PRIVATELY insured folks. The cause of that rise? By and large because the GOVERNMENT plans (Medicare and Medicade) pay less and less. SO the evil insurance companies (you know, those big, profit-making things that employ people) have to pass the cost along to the rest.

Medicare was passed easily because of the whole fear mongering thing. The original estimates on cost have been blown away and it is going broke. Why? More and more people in the system.

Reform is needed. By all means, march. It is the best part of our constitution, being able to voice opinion and dissent,

But universal care as you call it will fail. More and more people will be forced onto the public plan until nothing but cutting care will save costs. Imagine all 300 millions Americans using just the one system. It cannot succeed. The government cannot manage business. Every program it has created has only spiraled into a money-wasting behemoth and this will be the grand daddy of them all.

If you want a one-payer system, there is nothing I can do to convince you. If you want true reform and are open to any ideas, then the competition plans, personal accounts, loser-pays malpractice rules, etc will do more to drive down costs than anything the government can do.

This current bill establishes roughly 30 NEW agencies to mange it. Does this not scare you? Maybe this is where the administration had planned to create all of the new jobs in the first place.

Reform, YES. A Fascist government that is slowly absorbing every industry we have, NO. I will fight it until I die.

Thanks for giving all voices a chance here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


5 thoughts on “My Healthcare Response

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