Sunday Open Thread

In another attempt to get some commenting going, I ask that you comment about whatever topic you desire. Thanks for visiting!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread

  1. Just trying to figure out why a Veteran has to wait 180 days to get an emergancy MRI. How could we fail our troops so? We should be holding them on our shoulders and when they need medical attention they should be the first in line. Heres a thought. Maybe we should kick out the U.N., take that building and turn it into an Apartment complex for our vetrans in need. Then we could take the money we save and give our hereos the care they so deserve. Thanks for letting me vent, Dave J.

  2. I agree. 180 days? It bothers me, because i am retired, pay a good price for my family health plan and get to choose my own doctor.

    We get right in, have yet to have any major hassle, etc. Why is it, then, that the VA (gov run) sucks so bad?

    As to your U.N idea, I will SUPPORT that completely. If for no other reason than to the the UN out of our hair.

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  4. This whole debacle with Obama airing his personal opinions about the “stupidity” of the Cambridge police department’s arrest of his buddy Prof. Gates during the health care press conference has bitten him royally in the tush. As of today, BHO’s presidential approval rating has hit negative double digits for the first time – Rasmussen Reports’ poll today shows him at a record low approval of minus 11.

    To that, I lift my cup of steaming java, and say, “Keep it up, Obama!” The MSM has even been critical of him for baiting the race issue on a topic he confessed he knew nothing about… hell freezes over, eh?

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