Transparency? Hardly

UPDATE: Yet even MORE transparency. We just cannot make this stuff up. I mean. Come on.

UPDATE: More transparency from the most opaque group ever.

I am willing, now, to say openly that Barack Obama is a lair and a thug. Everything he says is a twisting and perversion of what he truly intends. He only says what the huddling masses want to hear.

Well, this Idiot-In-Charge is getting his ass handed to him on his various ‘reforms’. (More like nation-killing if you ask me). People are slowly but surely waking up. From tea-parties to congressional phone-ins the people of our country are letting the criminals in Washington D.C. know exactly what they think of them.

Obama promised transparency, yet at every turn he shields the truth. I am not a birther, but the fact remains that he has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars preventing the release of any and all records. This includes his birth, school, passports, et al. When will we see transparency? He circumvents the process by assigning un-elected people to ‘czar’ posts. These people wield great power in their respective areas and report only to the president. When will we see transparency? While not completely unusual, he is hiding the release of the budget mid-year report. It is sure to have some very troubling numbers in it, yet he refuses to release it until sometime in September. Perhaps he wants to pass healthcare and cap and trade before America has a conniption fit. When will we see transparency?

The only thing that is becoming relatively transparent about this criminal Obama is that he is hell-bent on taking complete control. Shades of Honduras, folks. Which is why, in my opinion, he is looking very intently at the outcome. He is taking notes for the day when he, too, will seek to violate our laws and get himself permanently placed.

Think it cannot happen? Neither did 1930’s Germany.

More about transparency in this administration here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


8 thoughts on “Transparency? Hardly

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  4. I don’t consider myself a ‘birther’ either, however I DO find it very suspicious that the POTUSINO is doing all he can and spending tons (over $900k to date) to keep his personal info and education records under wraps. As the saying goes,”something in the milk ain’t clean”. Perhaps (and this is purely speculation), if it does come to light, it will be learned that a certain Frank Marshall Davis is actually the biological father……OR……His education was illegally gained via foreign-aid. I’ll say again, this is purely speculation on my part…but I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Concerning the ‘czars’…I haven’t figured out why they aren’t challenged in court? Oh, Wait……silly me…with Holder at Justice, that wouldn’t get very far, would it?

  5. I consider myself a proponent of the Constitution…and there IS something there regarding Barack a/k/a Barry’s eligibility issue.

    1. There is zero confirmation he was born in HI. What we are all familiar with is a digital pic on a web site. It’s beyond ridiculous for anyone to suggest that is proof of anything. There is no Dr. on there, no Hospital, no birth height/weight and plenty of evidence that that short form itself is a forgery.
    2. Barry’s father was a foreign national who had no attachment to our country. Furthermore, Barry was born with foreign citizenship (specifically, being a British Subject). Those two facts are NO conspiracy, as Barry himself openly admitted to that on his (now scrubbed) campaign web site fight the smears.

    There is over 250 years of statements, writings, and court opinions that state “Natural Born Citizen” = born in country to two (2) citizen parents. Barry fails that latter part FOR SURE, unless of course he lied about who his biological father was.

    Look to attorney Apuzzo’s latest court filing for proof of this matter.

    Monday, July 20, 2009
    Filing Announcement: Plaintiffs’ Brief Opposing Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Filed

    A must read:

    There is a reason this “issue” hasn’t gone away, and has continued to (slowly) gain momentum.

  6. Just stumbled across your blog seems like a great blog that I plan to follow.

    Thanks for service of 20 years in the Navy.

  7. Drivel…….Ha!
    If one wants drivel, just try to tolerate anything that comes out of a politicians piehole for any length of time. Now, THAT’S Drivel !!! This blog is clear, concise, and allows one to think about what is posted. IMHO, this blog is one of the better ones out there.

    Kenyan Village spokesman,”We don’t want our idiot back.”
    H/T crash72(H/A)

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