A Revolutionary Idea We Can All Be Proud Of

I took a week or so off because my head was swimming with all of the crap going on around us. From the Health care fiasco to cap and tax to SCOTUS confirmation hearings and talk of another round of non-stimulus I was about to throw myself off the roof of a tall building. Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing on his radio program but was dissuaded by a caller because doing so might put Mr. Beck in the flight path of Air Force One.

Too rich. If you don’t get the joke, Google Air Force One and New York City.

Health care is the current agenda item that Glorious Leader is attempting to ram (Rahm?) through congress. There is hope that it will die in committee, so cross your fingers. I am all for reform of the current health care system in the United States, but moving to a federally mandated and subsidized system is not the way to go. Check out Steven Crowder, comedian and PJTV reporter, who went to his native Canada to see just how great the system is working for them there. After all, many in congress are saying it is working great and we need to model after them.

What did he find? While I have no doubt it was slightly slanted to the right, the fact that many in Canada (and France) have to buy private insurance as a subsidy to their free health care should tell you something. Wait times can be incredibly long for even some serious cases and getting a real family doctor can take upwards of three years. Until then, try not to get sick on Sunday. All clinics are closed.

With all of our glorious pundits roaming the halls of congress, and many of them practitioners of law, I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea by Ed Morrissey of HotAir.com. He has a fantastic article detailing how, if the government can take something as convoluted as our health care system and make it right by running it themselves under a single-payer system, perhaps they should do the same for legal services.

Yep. Just create LegalCare, a government agency tasked with setting all legal fees for every lawyer. That way, we all achieve our constitutioanl RIGHT to legal representation by the best in the field; not just some lame duck public defender. Check out his article. It will make you stand up and cheer Hell Yeah!

But Michelle Malkin’s video will make you scream Hell NO!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


4 thoughts on “A Revolutionary Idea We Can All Be Proud Of

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  3. You are right about France and the “public health care” that the government “supplies”.

    Some of the people in this country are stupid.
    Some of the people in this country are ignorant.
    When Sean Hannity asks the people of New York who the president is, they answer Obama. When asked who the vice-president is, they have no clue. HELLO ??

    Yeah.. and here comes health care, rammed down our throats.

    Obama’s thugs already control the legal system on a national level.

    Can thugs rule ??

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