ManBearPig Alert! Nazi Party Reunifying Under New, Global Banner

Al Gore is an amazing man. He has worked tirelessly since he first created the internet and the United States people rejected him as president. His dedication and effort were rewarded with the receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize for seeking out and saving a pair of Polar Bears who had unknowingly gotten their picture taken by a wildlife photographer while swimming from land to an ice floe.

Luckily for the world, that picture became an iconic classic and helped convince the great ball in the sky, the might SOL, our very own sun, to turn off its sunspots for a few years so that good old Mother Earth might get back to some sort of normalcy. Now that we are back to the temperatures and ice levels of the 1970’s, Mr. ManBearPig has alluded us to another catastrophic possibility.

While the sun has done its part, the world has not followed suit. Though global warming has been put under restraint, climate change has not. In fact, Mr. Gore has now alluded that the climate has changed drastically since just yesterday. I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I looked outside I saw that there was a downpour. Yesterday was a nice day, so to have this drastic change from nice to stormy in just one day awakened me to the fact that the ManBear was on the trail of something big.

At the recent Cimate Change Summit, Mr. Gore let us know just what he thought was happening. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party has again taken up a cause. In it’s first attempt, it helped unify a struggling Germany in the 1930’s. It industrialized the nation, built hundreds of machines and set off to sell them to the world. Unfortunately, not many countries saw need for German Panzer tanks, military troops or rockets, and in the ensuing confusion a melee occurred. This time, however, Al Gore has pointed out that they are engaged in an equally heinous act. They are the foremost deniers of Climate Change.

We are fortunate to have Mr. ManBearPig on the side of the world. If we could get some of those legislative initiatives passed, his company would make millions in profit and he would be in a better position to get the word out. Thus far, I think he has been frustrated at the lack of acceptance. I think it would be great to see more of him on TV, hear him on radio, read about him in magazines. I am particularly fond of the idea being floated around the conference that we need to find a way to monitor each individual carbon foot print. What a great plan! I would love to get a call from Mr. Gore, letting me know just what my ‘burden’ will be for the month.

This rocks! I can only imagine what they have in store for us with Universal Death Care.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

8 thoughts on “ManBearPig Alert! Nazi Party Reunifying Under New, Global Banner

      • Check out Glenn Beck’s book Common Sense.
        It’s unbelievable what and how the congress has and is doing to destroy our country right before our eyes, and we are almost powerless to do anything about it until 2010.
        Great book.

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  2. These guys won’t quit.
    They know that the environmental movement is the new home of Socialism………………with a kinder gentler face.

  3. They are all above us, looking down their nose at us.
    Al Gore has a lot of money invested in the cap and trade scheme, as does Nancy Pelosi and probably many other ” connected people”.

    It’s a scam, they know it and they will take your money out of your pockets to invest in an exchange in Chicago that they can profit from for the rest of their lives.

    BO said that energy costs to the consumer will “skyrocket”.

    Just watch these crooks pass it and watch Obama sign it.

    Obama hates this country, and he is attempting to destroy us economically.

    Stand up, don’t let them do it.

    Do you think these parasites will depend on social security to maintain any kind of life they are used to ?

    No !!!

    Crooks live pretty good, …until they go to jail.

    What these people have done to this country is just short of treason, knowingly undermining our economy for their own benefit.

    ACORN will be active in the next election cycle, bank on it !

    These are the thugs, mafia, brownshirts, or whatever you want to call them.

    2010…we vote again…make it count !

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