Nuts Are At It Again

The entitlement generation is in constant motion. I see it in my oldest sons (twins, 17) when they refuse to do what we ask, but cry and whine and complain just as much when we do not do for them. I say that turnabout is fair play, or, do unto others as you would have done unto you, but what do I know. I also say that family is the most important group on Earth (though my time in the military took me away a LOT when they were growing up).

I have been concerned, then, over what seems to be this growing sense of entitlement in today’s America. And, it isn’t just the youth, which is to be expected. Kids are a bit selfish (in general) because we parents DO provide for them; some to extreme ends, but all of us at least for basic needs (psycho parents who dump their kids not included). But not only are the youth of today expecting to have everything handed to them, but those moving into adulthood seem to be of the same mindset.

Pushing the entitlement agenda from the root is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). This vile group has been at the heart of corruption investigations all over the country. Its employees (and management) has been CONVICTED of fraud numerous times, and its parent organization spawns an unfollowable web of deceit and money laundering the likes of which would make Al Capone proud.

ACORN recently helped evicted homeowners break back into the homes they lost due to foreclosure and the media scarcely covered it. Some even agreed with them. Now, they are back in action. Instead of illegally cutting locks and getting people to squat in their old homes, the group is now encouraging citizens to mob financial institutions. It seems that ACORN is upset that these financial groups are not participating in a government program designed to lend people money who cannot afford it.

Huh. Funny. Isn’t that what got us into this problem? Unfortunately, for us and all concerned, ACORN could care less about that. They see a way of exploiting people’s ire at the financial groups who were portrayed as predatory and evil. ACORN does not want it known that those who took money to finance way over their heads are just as to blame; that the federal government that encouraged banks to lend to low-income families set the rules that allowed the entire system to fail.

America is on a downward spiral. All that has changed since Glorious Leader got elected is the rate at which we head toward the bottom.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


12 thoughts on “Nuts Are At It Again

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  2. Defeat Obama, and his Obama-Nazis, and ACORN WILL GO AWAY !

    We are virtually powerless until the next election and Obama KNOWS THAT.

    He’s got the tiller, and we are riding into hell.

  3. I am not retired navy but I am a 100% disabled veteran, I have been working with Marcel Reid of the ACORN 8, Matthew Vadum of Capital Research Center…recently I appeared on Glenn Beck and G. Gordon Liddy’s show. I have been doing some very hard hitting research on ACORN. Stand by because this time I am going right to ACORN Housing Corporation.

    Check out this piece:

    Great piece by the way! Keep up the good work.

    • Go get’um bro.

      ACORN is going to tear the the election system (as we know it) apart.

      I think we, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are on a downhill slide to socialism, and only the election in 2010 will slow it down.

  4. Yes, we are now seeing the results of allowing our children to believe that they are entitled to whatever they want. They were raised thinking that way and now that they are voting age, they think the government (like mama and daddy) owe them. There is no more thinking of working from the ground up. They want everything now. Just look in school parking lots at the vehicles that the students drive. What do they have to look forward to when they grow older? They will never be satisfied with anything. They do not want to work for anything, just give me, give me.

    • I’ve recently began wornkig on a plot for a new musical called Dark World: A Surrealistic Musical Coming soon, if you wish to provide some ideas, feel free to subscribe to my youtube, and PM me your ideas

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