Government Lies To Get Agenda Passed

The EPA recently published a report that calls Carbon Dioxide, the NATURALLY OCCURRING GAS, a dangerous gas that needs to be regulated. The entire purpose of doing this is to help buoy support for Glorious Leader’s global warming agenda, the main force being the upcoming Cap and Trade bill. I would like to note that this bill is over 900 pages long and gives the government nearly exclusive control over the Energy industry.

The projected cost of this legislation is debated, with cost-per-family ranging from $140 per year to nearly $3000. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has put the estimated cost at around $1200 per year. What people do not understand is that this tax is not a straight tax. The real deal is that everything surrounding energy- which includes trucks delivering foods, heating your home, cost of gas, etc- will be affected. So, you may not see a massive increase in your electric bill but you can be sure that everything out there will rise in cost. Don’t be fooled by the numbers being put out by the administration. They are lying.

To the point about the EPA, there was dissenting opinions that were blocked. The arguments were hidden and were not included in the published report, because it would go against the ‘administrator and the administration’. Now, however, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has put out the unfiltered version of the report. Unfortunately I think it is a bit too late. Congress will be voting on this today (Friday, June 26th 2009). The Wicked Witch of the West wants it done and off their plate before they go on vacation. Because, as we all know, pumping millions of CO2 molecules into the air as we fly from DC to California (in order to visit donors and get more bribe money) is much more vital than actually debating and coming up with a good energy policy.

Michelle Malkin has a great article and has been following the story. Check her out here, too, from an early report on the topic..

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


20 thoughts on “Government Lies To Get Agenda Passed

  1. The problem is that this story is a big nothing. There is no indication as to what was covered up at all. Color me unimpressed by a few silly out-of-context emails.

    • I don’t think it is a big nothing as you say. If you are tasked with putting out a report, and then are told that half of the story was blocked from being presented, would that not be of concern?

      The fact is that the government has been involved with massive power grabbing for decades. The past few months, however, have seen it coming at us at such a rapid pace that one can hardly keep up.

      Healthcare, Cap and Trade, Card Check; everything and the kitchen sink are being thrown at us in hopes to overload and overwhelm us.

      You may not care, but I, personally, care very much as to what the government dictates. If I want to drive a gas-hogging car, and can afford it, who are they to tell me no?

      • There were 7 republicans who pushed this debacle over the edge.

        We should bug them on this until they realize that they work for us….U.S. and they cannot get away with this.

        Next election, your fired !!!!!!

        Screw you !

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  3. Fernando, you are sadly uninformed. The vote to impose the largest tax on Americans in all of its history is being conducted today. I know, it has nothing to do with your personal life, so why should you care? But that’s where you and others who would rather kick back and trust everything the government does fall short.

    Here are a few links for you to read to become informed on the fallacies of the global warming scam and how much more money YOU will be paying for electricity, gas, food production, manufacturing, etc. I encourage you to read the report that the EPA tried to suppress and a few of the other links – you will be stunned at what is going on in Congress this morning:

    Michelle Malkin: Melt the phones: Cap-and-tax target list and EPA plays hide and seek; suppressed report revealed and The climate change e-mails EPA doesn’t want you to see
    The American Spectator: Democrats Rushing to Cap-and-Trade Suicide
    Gateway Pundit: It’s Cap & Trade Friday– The BIGGEST LIBERAL TAX In US History …Updated With Newt Tweet
    Pronk Palisades: Time To Sound The Alarm: Call Your Representative and Senators–Cap and Trade Bill to be voted in U.S. House on Friday–Kill The Cap and Trade Energy Tax Today!
    Hot Air: Cap and trade vote today, complete with AP spin; Update: 300-page, last-minute amendment and WSJ: Cap-and-tax a great deal … if you don’t measure the costs
    Pundit & Pundette: Take action now against Cap&Trade TAX: House votes today

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  5. I e-mailed my representative this morning. I told him if he does not actively protest this bill, I will actively see that he does not get re-elected.

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