America Is About To Be Sham-WOW’d

There is nothing else to say. ABC is going to broadcast one massively long infomercial trying to get us to buy into the health care boondoggle. The picture below says it all.

Sham WOW

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


5 thoughts on “America Is About To Be Sham-WOW’d

  1. But Wait…there’s more.

    As ABC becomes a whore for the Obama Administration, the senate is in the process of passing card check, and the house is trying to pass cap and trade, both by Friday.

    The health care debacle to be aired tonight is a diversion.

    By Friday, if these bills get thru congress, …

    1. your energy taxes are going up.
    2. the union thugs will be demanding your support.

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  3. We’re in deep do-do.

    Now all that’s on TV is Michael Jackson’s death. I bet Obama is loving this. Another distraction. It doesn’t take much for our citizens to get distracted these days. The media would rather talk about that freak when we’ve got so many other things to be thinking about.

    • Billy Mays was just doing his job, sadly congress is not.

      Now the senate gets to vote on crap and tax.

      The people that are “our elected officials” are mocking us daily.
      Just like the stimulus bill, Americans overloaded the switchboards, and e-mail servers, and their reaction was just to shut them down. THEY DON’T CARE !!!!!!

      Now they’re on break. Call their local office and if they voted against the crap and tax THANK THEM !!

      If they voted for it tell them YOUR FIRED !!

      2010…we vote again.

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