Will The Corruption Ever Stick

I doubt that anything done by ACORN or, now, Project Vote will lead back to Glorious Leader. However, he worked closely with both of these corrupt organizations while he was ‘community organizing’ Chicago into oblivion.

Now Project Vote has come out to file a federal lawsuit against one of its former members, Anita Moncrief. Anita is well known for being a whistleblower on the corruption and illegal activity of these two groups. Because of that, the groups are now taking President Obama’s tactics and applying them to the fullest. I have no doubt that they are trying to strong arm her into retracting her comments, but am hopeful that Anita stands strong.

This blog, small that we are, stands firm in supporting Anita and want her to know that we will keep the word passing along so that the world knows the truth.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


6 thoughts on “Will The Corruption Ever Stick

  1. It used to be that “No person is above the law!” Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to ring true any more.

  2. Anita is one, recently an IG Malpin is being run over the coals for doing his job by exposing tax payer’s money wasted or diverted to who knows where.

    Anybody heard of ACORN ??
    Anybody heard of IOC ??

    seems ACORN has gone international.

    census anybody?

    2 people in the house, go away now.

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  4. A 53 year old grandmother wrote a letter to Congress which she couldn’t get anyone to accept so she sent it to Glenn Beck.He put it on his web site as a petition and it has taken off. Go there and sign it if you agree with her. Let’s make it stick!!!

  5. Why not let the Post Office conduct the census ?

    They visit our houses every day.

    What ? ,….that makes sense?

    I’m sorry,… ACORN !

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