Finally, Bipartisanship We Can Believe In

I will criticize what I think is wrong in congress, but unlike many others (on both sides) I will also give credit where it is due.

The crisis in Iran is going unspoken in the White House (mostly), but finally there are some in congress willing to go where we NEED to go and where the president is afraid to. I say afraid, because he put himself out there before the elections when the early polls showed that the America-friendly challenger might be ahead and when Ahmadinijad was shown to be the winner he shut up. All he has said is that we cannot be seen as ‘meddling’ in their affairs.

What we NEED to be doing is vocally giving our support for those who are fighting for freedom in their lives. The Iranian government is slamming down on protesters, killing internet access and warning people to behave or else.

If the president will not voice support, at least some in congress are.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

2 thoughts on “Finally, Bipartisanship We Can Believe In

  1. Barbara Boxer taking down an Army General on ma’am, sir and senator.

    Boxer is all over the web.

    This pisses me off.

    These people work for us dammit.

    They should all be fired.

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