Coming To A Healthcare Facility Near You

Healthcare is just the latest in a long line of emergencies that the administration is using in an effort to try and ram through another budget busting ‘reform’ program. The size and scope of this abortion of common sense has even some liberals backing off. Public outcry by the Conservative base has drawn a lot of attention from the usually deaf and blind congress, including members of both sides of the isle.

The sales pitch by Glorious Leader and his cronies- for all of their power grabbing proposals – typically includes some heart wrenching story. They typically say …it is for the children. If you are against them then you must be against children and therefore a heartless ogre with nothing but greed in your veins.

Remember S-CHIP? That program supposedly was for the children, but the term child included kids up to the age of 30. President Obama used the child argument to get a heavy tax put on tobacco. Shortly after, the federal government took direct control of regulating all tobacco products. Imagine that. It was inevitable, though, because they need to control the industry in order to collect adequate revenues to fund the program. I ask you, though, what happens when people who smoke say enough is enough? Where will they get the money from then? Use your imagination. I shouldn’t have to tell you.

If you would like to see just what is coming your way under the proposed healthcare program, you only need look at the system in the Chicago Medical Center. Coincidentally, First Lady Michelle Obama used to be a top executive there (a job, coincidentally, that was created for her right after her husband was elected to the Senate and held sway over some big grant money, and which has not been refilled once she left for the White House) and was thew driving force behind the ‘reform’.

The bottom line of the program is that low-income, uninsured and predominantly minority patients were ‘redirected’ to other heath facilities. The premise is that people would receive better care. The actuality is that those places to where the patients were redirected lost money because folks were uninsured while Mrs. Obama’s hospital was able to treat the more lucrative insured patients.

Absolutely incredible that none of this stuff is ever reported by the so called media. Read more here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


2 thoughts on “Coming To A Healthcare Facility Near You

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