America Could Learn From Iran

When the people get together to protest what they feel is wrong, it can be a powerful and scary thing.

Case in point: The recent elections in Iran. The hard-liner, Ahmadinijad, won re-election but many people feel that there are serious issues with the election. To protest, they have taken to the streets. When will America show such passion for what they believe in?

Answer? Probably never. We are all about screaming at the TV, but have very little motivation to try and change things. Thus, we will continue to be led around by the nose in whatever direction the government wants us to go.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

8 thoughts on “America Could Learn From Iran

  1. Amen to that. It’s frustrating to see how many people are not willing to “put their money where their mouth is”. The all-star lineup of Grant, FDR, LBJ, and now Obama has brought us full-circle to socialism and nobody even got off the couch. In fact, we’re still arguing over whether or not freaking guns are legal. Ronnie Reagan toppled the USSR, but it looks like Marx, Lenin, Kruschev,Brezhnev and the rest will be vindicated by Comrade President.

  2. I Totally Agree!

    When there is a disputed election and some unelected council pronounces a hard-liner President, the people of America should take to the streets! There’s no way any REAL Americans would let some militarist puppet is installed when there are serious issues with an election! No WAY!

    • Heh. I am thinking you are calling back to 2000 when Bush ‘stole’ the election. If not, I apologize.

      If that is what you are speaking of, then I guess MY point is lost on you. What I am saying is that when people truly believe there is a wrong to be righted (here in the US) they sit on the couch and yell at the TV.

      Instead, the people of Iran show what it means to be feverish in your belief in a cause. I am in no way saying ‘take to the streets’ and burn the place down (listen up, Lakers fans).

      What I am saying is quit idling away and get involved. Try to make a difference. It doesn’t matter what you believe.

      And if you are calling Bush a militarist puppet…. I guess you were absent on 9/11 when it all started.

      • Navy,…Glenn Beck is going to read a letter on his TV show tonight (1700) written by a woman democrat from Arizona.

        I heard it on his radio show yesterday and it is OUTSTANDING !!!

        You might want to tivo it, or whatever.

        At any rate, ya gotta hear it.

        She tells it like it is by God !!!

        Hope you get this in time.

  3. The letter AFVET referred to above is so right on I feel like the writer was my secretary and that I dictated it.(read it at Glenn’s sight) I think everyone should send it to Washington everyday until the madness there stops. If there is a silent majority out there they’d better stop being so silent before it’s too late. Thanks for sharing your insights, Melissa

  4. you can call me e Posted on The Simple TruthTruth SerumTruth or ConsequencesHonesty or BustIt actually sodnus like an interesting blog. I wouldn’t mind checking it out when it is up and running!

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