All Hail The Czar of Czars

I have lost count at the numerous czars that Glorious Leader has appointed to run things. Below is a partial list based on what I can recall seeing in the media:

Car Czar
Drug Czar
Pay Czar
Border Czar
Energy Czar
Faith Czar
Stimulus Czar
Health Reform Czar
Terrorism Czar
Gitmo Czar
Urban Czar

Now we even have a FOOD CZAR, who will dictate to us how much and what to eat, how much to exercise, dictate screenings, etc. What the hell? I am a free man. I will continue to eat and NOT exercise as I see fit.

I know that there are more, but right now I am drawing a blank. Regardless, he has appointed more Czars to run the country than the Russian royalty did back in the 17th Century. What is not being said by any news media (I don’t count Beck, O’Reilly or Hannity as news though they report more that any true news group) is that these Czars wield more power than the Secretaries supposedly running the industry they are appointed to.

For example, we have a Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius (ugh!) who was duly appointed and confirmed by congress. She is responsible to congress to be open and transparent in her activities and sits on the president’s cabinet. Thus there is, in theory(!), oversight of her industry. But then we have this Health Reform Czar who wields executive power in the same industry, is vetted or confirmed by no one and who is responsible to no one but Glorious Leader.

How much circumventing of the law and constitution is going to occur before the King of Czars is shown for what he is: a fraudulent IDIOT who has no clue how to fix problems, but sure as hell knows how to coerce and strong-arm his way into destroying the last of the principles and values upon which our country was founded. BHO needs to go. I have never been in a situation where I felt such animosity toward the president of my United States, but the damage being done by this political pinhead is going to take decades to undo. And to be honest, I don’t think we have decades.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


5 thoughts on “All Hail The Czar of Czars

  1. Right on bro.

    I sincerely hope the 2010 election scares the hell out of him.

    Obama does have one thing in common with God,….

    I’ve never seen God’s birth certificate either !!!

    great post.

  2. Now BO is promoting pay-go to congress !


    This is like someone who weighs 300lbs, after eating too much chocolate, swearing off chocolate.

    He thinks he’s speaking to the ignorant, and in some cases he is…..

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  4. How did the last Czar die in Russia? Will the Czar of Czars end the same way. Will it be necessary because of what he’s currently doing to this nation? I hope it doesn’t require the entire family as well.

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