States’ Rights Now Gone The Way Of The Pontiac

For years, the 10th Amendment held that states had more power than the federal government. If a state decided that the fed had over stepped its bounds, they didn’t have to follow along.

Then there is the issue of the courts. I was under the impression that courts ruled OPINION but that it was up to the states to implement the ruling into law. States did not have to obey what the court said if they did not want to. Granted, most times the ruling was made to law, but many times it did not. Most times the court decision was followed because (I guess) people are stupid. I suppose this happens when we get away from teaching the constitution and begin to teach case law instead. It is so much more fluid and progressive.

Now comes the ultimate usurpation of a state’s rights. When the PORKULUS bill was passed, there was a section added that said if a governor elected to NOT take stimulus money, the state legislature could override him. Imagine that. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT dictating what a STATE could do or not do.

In South Carolina, Governor Sanford refused the money. Well, actually, of the 2.8 billion coming their way, he had direct control over $700 million. He refused to take it. Bring on the idiotic liberal pinheads, including the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT who has absolutely no idea what the hell she is talking about and a liberal court system and you have a decision that kills the right of a state to decide for itself what is best.

The court said that the governor has NO POWER to refuse ANY of the PORKULUS money. So, not South Carolina is giving up the fight and taking all of the money. As well, they are going to be strapped with all of the strings that come with that funding.

I truly feel for those who say they were going to lose their jobs because of it. Sorry. If I lose my job I will go on unemployment while looking for another. I don’t care about what kind of work. I will seek a job in my field, anywhere in the country, until I either find one or am forced to work outside my field.

The liberal mantra is always the same: we will cut services because we cannot find anywhere else to cut. So, people will cry out and scream bloody murder that those opposing the spending are hate mongers, anti-this or that or whatever other slanderous term they can think of.

I won’t say I hope that things turn from bad to worse just to spite them, that is totally against what I stand for. However, I firmly believe in the deepest part of my heart that this country is completely screwed. When the funding ends (imagine that, just in time for the 2012 elections) then we will be right in the same spot we have always been in, just a whole lot deeper in debt. Wat then? Shall we dig even deeper for even MORE money? When does the ride end?

I think the teachers that were losing their jobs SHOULD lose their jobs. NO, not ALL of them, but I have no doubt that a large portion of them spent years pressing the Progressive aganda to the hilt. Look where it has brought our country.

IDIOTS. They have killed states’ rights even further. Soon they will go the way of the Pontiac.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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