Terrorism On The Homefront

Put the soldiers in your thoughts, always. That has always been a mantra for our troops fighting for freedom around the world.

Now, however, because of some unbelievably cold-hearted domestic terrorist, we have to now keep soldiers here at home in our thoughts. Two young soldiers, at home and just out of boot camp, wanting to give back a little and work at the very recruiting station that they passed through, were shot. One has died and at the time of this initial writing the other is fighting for his life.

What the hell is wrong with people? I am sure it is in retaliation for the murder yesterday of the Dr. Tiller, the infamous late-term abortion doctor who had people in such an uproar, but the troops? I pray for their families and friends. I also pray for the soul of the person who did the deed. If he is caught, the full weight f the US Army will be loosed upon his hell-bound ass.

I weep for the loss of our greatness.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


7 thoughts on “Terrorism On The Homefront

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  4. BO hasn’t said anything about this, that I’ve heard.

    I’m waiting.

    Could it be the islam factor involved ?

    Bush would have said something by now.

  5. BO loves his fellow Muslims no matter what. We will see more of that love this week during his little jaunt.

  6. Frugal-cafe.com has a great post on this subject.

    The arrogance of the killer, and the silence of Obama.

  7. Seems the killer told police that he would have killed more troops if there had been more out there.

    Frugal cafe.com has a great post on this subject.

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