A New Governmental Start-Up Business

UPDATE: Cronyism In The Dealerships Getting Closed
So your United States Government, never content with sitting on its laurels, has decided to get pro-active in this economy. According to most (in government) this is the worst it has been since the Great Depression. We need to act, act quickly, and act boldly. Which we did.

Now, however, we have taken a whole new step. We are now have our very own start-up business, called (per Michelle Malkin) GovMo. This is short for Government Motors.

Yes, folks, we now own some 70% of General Motors. As a first step we closed many dealerships. Some say we targeted those who supported the GOP more than those who supported Obama, but that is just hearsay. Well, OK, statistically, the numbers were found to be serious outliers, but the administration assures us that they were fair and equitable in determining just who got the ax. As well, those pesky GM guys who said that cutting dealerships was a bad idea (who will move our inventory?) but the White House called the shots on who got closed, should just be ignored. They are, after all, just disgruntled employees.

Add to that the notion that we have a 31-year old guy who almost graduated Yale in charge of the whole operation and you see that the current White House administration is all over this. They know what is best for you and I so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

They say that 30%-40% of new businesses fail after five years. Lucky for us we have all of this money to pump into our new start-up. Something tells me that the government will make damn sure this one does not go bankrupt. After all, the billions they put into it (because it was an emergency that we save this dying business and prevent bankruptcy) has worked wonders thus far.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

3 thoughts on “A New Governmental Start-Up Business

      • I say we should lock down Air Force 1 unless there is a national emergency.

        Also all the Cessnas, helicopters, and anything else he uses to take his wife on a date in New York, or Chicago.

        At what point are the American People going to rise up and say enough ?

        He took a smaller jet, with escort jets, helicopters, a transport to haul his limos,….all for a f#$%&@n date ???????
        AND got there an hour late, which held up the show for everyone else.

        gotta stop soon.

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