The American Flag Must Go, As it Offends People

I am shocked, dismayed and pretty pissed off at the story coming out of TEXAS of all places.

A woman at a hospital, wanting to display her patriotism over Memorial weekend, hung a 3 x 5 flag up in her office. While I agree that perhaps a flag that size might be a bit much, how ANYONE can claim it to be offensive is beyond me. And further, to take it down without so much as speaking with the employee is over the top.

When will being PC and trying to appease everyone stop? How far will people go to get their way? Heck, I think multiple piercings, wild hair colors, flamboyant clothing, etc are stupid and offensive to the eye. But that is me. Imagine if I tried to get a law passed banning all of the above. The ACLU would slander me to no end (as would the MSM).

You can read the story here. I’d like to know your thoughts on it, so drop a comment.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


6 thoughts on “The American Flag Must Go, As it Offends People

  1. I commend you for posting this article.

    Nothing pisses me off faster than someone in America telling US we can’t display OUR FLAG, especially this woman.

    What if that flag was the flag of Africa ?

    The ACLU would have been in their face within a week.

    I have faith that OLD GLORY will be alive and well.

    As you say at the end of you’re posts….

    The Revolution IS at Hand,…….2010.

  2. I am a veteran of Vietnam Era, there is a long history of my family serving. My heart is breaking for our country.


    • I agree, Linda. I spent 20 years defending so pinheads could run rampant like kids in a candy store? This mottly group is punch-drunk on power, with no signs of being sated.

      Thanks for your service, and I hope you will return!


      • The new Supreme Court Judge nominee ruled in 2004 that the Constitution “does not permit Americans to own guns”.

        “It should be up to the states.”

        re; CNSNEWS.COM.

        Really ?

        What the hell are we into here ?

        He hasn’t been in office for 6 months, and is systematically wrecking the Constitution, almost on a daily basis.

        Watch out if Ginsberg has to step down and Obama, laughingly appoints another radical to the court.

        We’re watching the country we grew up in dissolve before our very eyes.


    • I am a veteran of the Vietnam Era also.

      Thank you for your courage, and service to our country.

      We’ll get thru the obstacles, fear not.

      You’ve found a good site.

      Nice to meet you Linda.

  3. Obama is suppose to be a Constitutional lawyer. What in the hell is Harvard teaching?

    I saw this story. Yes, it’s hard to believe that this happened in Texas. I did tell my husband (a native Texan) that Texas will be changing too before long. Too many weirdos from Cali moving here and they will want things the way it was in the place they fled from. Just watch. I think I’m going to buy some swampland in South Carolina and just hideout.

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