Office Of Social Innovation Is Now Official

Yes folks, since there are not enough non-profits already, since this administration obviously knows better than ayone how best to organize a recruiting effort, and since…

…well, since there is $50 million in spare tax dollars lying around we are now happy to announce the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

..Civic Participation? Oh, yes. That whole mandatory volunteering thing. The new office will be spearheaded by none other than Sonal Shah, of the… well… I am not really sure who, but she once ran the global arm of Google so she must be knowledgeable and energetic and on board with the whole capitalism, free market thing…

…except that she is, actually, pretty anti-west and whose father was one of the more extreme Hindu folks around. Not that he would have any influence on his daughter, so I won’t say guilt by association, though her continued anti-American speeches meant to rile up the youth of India are a bit disconcerting.

As well, this ‘Social Innovation Fund’ brought about by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act- remember that? No? Again, that whole mandatory volunteering thing in all of its 1000+ pages of glory, mentions the Youth Villages…

..what are those? Oh. yes. I remember. That is the long-ago mentioned civilian security force that is funded as well as the military to help provide protection to American citizens.

Didn’t Al Capone and other mobsters like him offer something much similar to people? Nice to know the mob is alive and well and serving in our hallowed congressional halls.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

4 thoughts on “Office Of Social Innovation Is Now Official

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  2. Heard this months ago, “civilian security force” crap.

    This administration is pounding the Constitution just like Bill Ayres had a picture taken of himself standing on the American Flag in some filthy alley, somewhere.

    Obama is laughing at us America.

    Pelosi is in China “telling the Chinese how to be more environmentally secure”.

    The Chinese love it because our dollar is going into the tank, and they will just wait until our economy crashes, and then call in their debt.

    Pelosi is way out of her league, and too stupid to pontificate in front of China.

    They are applauding her ignorance, and the paper tiger Obama is creating due to the draconian taxes that have yet to hit us.

    China is actively rebuilding it’s military.

    We have cut our military contributions.

    The Korean challenge, the Iranian challenge, and no solid response to the two countries are an indication to me that this administration has no teeth, aside from domestic policies.

    They are systematically demeaning the ability of the American People to make a good life, and trying to make them rely on socialistic policies.

    VAT…now they’re going to tax your milk, eggs, and bread.

    Any transaction will be taxed.

    Hey,…gotta pay for that Health Care.

    • montee, don’t call me comrade.

      I don’t like that word.

      if you’re a vet you can call me ‘bro’.

      if not, don’t call me anything.

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