Obama Uses Car Dealerships To Illegally Punish GOP Donors

Yes, you did not hear me incorrectly. I said it. Of the thousands of car dealers being FORCED TO CLOSE by the United States Government, a vast majority of them where heavy donors to the Republican party.

Think it insane? Think again. The initial reporting can be found here. I only hope that the initial results do not pan out. For if they do, when the rest of the country is nationalized, I hope you were a great big Obama Bot. If not, you are sure to lose your business.

I really wish those of my friends who voted for this guy could explain to me if (and why) they still like what he is doing. Long ago I thought maybe to give him a chance. But more and more every day I LOOK for signs of his administrations’s (and congress’) corrupt practices. And, trust me, they are not difficult to find.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


3 thoughts on “Obama Uses Car Dealerships To Illegally Punish GOP Donors

  1. He’s digging a big hole and relying on the MSM to run interference for him.

    Now he’s nominated a radical to the supreme court, and I predict she’ll pass the test because the senate would never eliminate a female, an Hispanic, and a liberal.

    You have to give BO credit for recognizing huge opportunities when they present themselves to move this country in the wrong direction.

    According to Rush, and Levin, her judgments over the years have been overturned BY THE SUPREME COURT because she did not understand the law.

    You go BO !

    2010…we vote again.

  2. Navy,… see gunowners.org, it is interesting, and heard on the radio this morning that they are promoting a movement back to State’s Rights, as opposed to the Feds making all the rules.

    Utah, Montana, Texas, and others are beginning to rebel.

  3. Yet more people (in addition to the military family’s that have lost loved one’s since 1/20/09), who no doubt have standing to show they’ve been ‘injured’ by the pseudo POTUS.
    That is, the alleged Natural Born Citizen of the United States who also happens to have been born with British Citizenship. Wake up sheeple!

    Quo Warranto!!

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