How Many Debunkings Of Global Warming Are Needed

I cannot even begin to replicate what the post said.

Just go here.

There you will find an awesome post regaring the debunking of a paper that supposedly proves that the South Pole is melting away,

More to read here.

IDIOTS. When will they learn that our science need not PROVE anything, only show the cases where THEIR science is stupid.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

2 thoughts on “How Many Debunkings Of Global Warming Are Needed

  1. Waxman is displaying his ignorance and incompetence yet again.

    Michelle Malkin has a post that states he doesn’t even know what’s in the bill.

    Speedreader ??? What the hell has happened to our government ??

    Clean out congress and start over.

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