Hooray! Now Minorities Can Finally Be Equal

Talk radio consistently kicks the ass of liberal media because people want to hear the truth upon occasion. That is not to say that ALL media outlets are liberally biased, or routinely pump out propaganda, but the reason FOX and talk radio are called far right is because the rest of the media is so far to the left.

Nothing liberals have done has been able to crack the popularity of talk radio. Air America failed, MSNBC is failing, the NYT is failing. None of them- not one – can hope to compete.

Therefore Glorious Leader and his Merry Band of Losers are now targeting how the ratings are counted. Because the electronic devices worked (called PPM), and worked very well, it seems that some of the big name conservatives actually have bigger numbers than previously thought, and some big name liberals (Sharpton, anyone?) are getting even more hammered than before.

Because of this result, the method of counting is now being deemed RACIST and so must be scrapped in favor of a more ‘equitable’ method. I guess this means we are only allowed to count every OTHER listener for talk radio. At least then the whiny liberals will be able to get about half of the ratings conservatives are able to rake in.

I will never understand. When you are a liberal LOSER, you have to change the rules to try and win. This culture war is really getting to be pathetic. I cannot wait for it all to come crashing down around Obama’s ears. And trust me, I will be the first to point and laugh.

In fact, if they manage to usurp the entire constitution and make us a Fascist state I will, again, point my finger at everyone who voted for him and say I told you so, laughing all the way to the reeducation camps.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


3 thoughts on “Hooray! Now Minorities Can Finally Be Equal

    • Yep,…the rules are being changed to their advantage.

      We have a little over a year and a half to fix this mess.

      2010…we vote again.

  1. The people that voted for him are either stupid, or ignorant.

    Stupid goes right to the bone, ignorance can be remedied.

    Have faith Navy,…America will not stand for this for long.

    California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Massachusetts, are trying through the Obama mafia to extort taxpayer dollars to help out state administrations that can’t manage their state’s finances.

    The states should not have to take federal money.

    Communism is on the door step.

    Socialism is at the door.

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