Joe Biden Was Right To Warn People About Flying

When Vice President Joe Biden warned that people might want to be careful about getting into close confines ( planes, trains, etc) he was closer to the truth than he was aware. In the case our VP gaffe-machine, he was speaking about the fact that the swine flu was passing easily between people, and that it might be wise to avoid such enclosed spaces until the flu threat had passed.

However, there is an even more insidious reason why people should avoid flying, one that you probably won’t be seeing much media coverage on. There are numerous airplane mechanics who cannot read the repair manuals for the aircraft they are maintaining. Why? Because the FAA has a major flaw regarding the testing of those mechanics. The problem is not literacy, per se. It is knowledge of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Of course, if the FAA does start enforcing the rules regarding knowledge of the English language, you can expect La Raza and their White House insider to raise a stink.

Until then, fly at your own risk.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


3 thoughts on “Joe Biden Was Right To Warn People About Flying

  1. Let’s see now,…isn’t the FAA a government agency?

    What’s the problem Navy ???

    We’ve seen this before.

    Also, Biden and Pelosi are the best insurance policy Obama has.

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