Regardless of Battle, Marines Defeat The Enemy

John “Pork King” Murtha needs to be put out to pasture. This waste of a sperm cell has been attacking our military and what they do best- kill the bad guy – for far too long. On top of that, this guy is as corrupt as they come as he pushes money to his district. The money is not for the people, but for equally-corrupt business who have ties to the Porkmeister.

However, the Curropt-o-crat could not defeat the undefeatable. The USMC has stood strong against the charges Murtha brought against the warriors at Haditha. The latest battle has been won by Lt. Col. Jeffery Chessani, who was charged with failing to order an investigation of the deaths of 24 Iraqi’s back in 2005. Good for them! Semper Fi, marine!

Now if we can just win the battle against this monstrosity of a waste of space, there might yet be hope for America.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


6 thoughts on “Regardless of Battle, Marines Defeat The Enemy

  1. Navy WOULD listen to Michael Jackson!! jk 🙂

    I’ll stick to Bread, Rush, and Pink Floyd!!

    Now on to the real issue, its time to start a effort
    to defeat that Mu(r)tha in the next election.

    Can anyone from his state please post opponents,
    websites where we can contribute, as well as keep
    an ongoing update of how the polls are going, etc.

    The first person I ever helped to defeat an incumbant
    was way back when we de foleyated congress 🙂

    Time for the rest of us to step up from the Tea Parties
    to actually do something, WITHIN the rules of the system.

    • The reason that Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, aren’t confronted in an election is that their opponents are afraid they and their families will be kneecapped by the the democratic thugs, acorn, and others.

      The democratic mafia that is operating in Washington has the power over the media, the economy, and major industry.

      They know that they have to push these socialistic policies through as fast as they can, before the next election.

      We have to elect conservatives who respect and uphold the Constitution of the U.S.

      It’s already common knowledge that this administration is using intimidation to get their will.

      I still have faith in the American Peoples’ ability to see through this hoax of a government.

      2010,…we vote again.

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