Let The Sun Shine, Let The Sun Shine In

Update: The photoshop prints are in.

Unless you are a member of the most open, ethical and transparent congress (administration) ever. In that case, close the blinds, draw the shades, tint the windows and run for the closet.

For those who voted for this pinheaded group, would you mind if I gave you a hearty One-Fingered Salute? You have SO screwed us beyond anything you can comprehend. But, then, I don’t expect you to listen, what with all of this extra tax break money flowing your way, or the TARP and Stimulus funding you have managed to procure. As they say, the end justifies the means.

Glorious Leader and his thug cronies are willing to open up our entire central intelligence effort to the world, but they refuse to show the images taken while aboard Air Force One during its panic-inducing fly-by? Maybe that is because there were never any pictures taken? Maybe it is just because someone wanted to take it for a joy ride and our King Corrupt-o-crat said sure, why not? Prove me wrong. No tin-foil-hat arguments. If I am wrong, I will admit it. But I don’t think you will ever be able to prove me wrong because they will never release the photos (that don’t exist).

I just don’t get how you can justify the ending of our country as the founders wanted it. Weird.

Oh well. See you in the re-education camps.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


14 thoughts on “Let The Sun Shine, Let The Sun Shine In

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  2. Lets work for convening a constitutional convention to revoke the 16th amendment, you know, the one that gives congress the right to tax our ass off.

    Even the threat of doing so might get their attention.

    At this point in our Nation’s history it would probably be very popular.

    No money, no power.

    In 2010 we can fix the majorities in congress and then impeach this bastard.

    On another topic, I heard Glenn Beck this morning talking about the Chrysler bailout.

    The unions now own a big chunk of the company, which means when you buy a car from Chrysler Corp. the unions get paid,…which increases their coffers,…which means they can donate more to the democrat party.

    Hmmmm….something really stinks her, big time.

    • Hmmmm…something really stinks here, big time.

      This has got to be another David Copperfield exercise.

      It’s gotten to the point in this country that you hate to turn the news on.

  3. Excellent piece! Kudos to you on this. This administration is out of control and we need to inform those Americans who are still dreamily in love with Obama’s canned rhetoric and ignorant of his socialist agenda and how it is going to destroy America and the principles of the nation set forth by our founding fathers. Sadly, there are still far too many who choose to close their ears and eyes to the obvious. Keep fighting the good fight on your blog.

    Let freedom ring!

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  5. You know…I honestly didn’t even think it wasn’t a ‘photo-op’. However, now that you mentioned it, the ‘joyride’ angle does makes a LOT of sense! I mean…really…look at whats going on with this admin. I gotta sharpen my reasoning skills……

    • Common sense would tell you to NOT fly a 747 at 1000 ft.
      down the Hudson River in the middle of the day, and scare the hell out of innocent citizens, and then deny any idea of the knowledge that it happened.

      BHO is a menace to this country.

      This stunt IMO was planned to enhance his “leadership abilities”. BHO said, I am appalled! BS.

      Their house of cards is beginning to fall, and they know it.

      2010…we vote again!

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