Pelosi Knickers In A Bunch

The Wicked Witch Of The West is getting nervous. After all of the CRAP she and her ideologue friends have perpetrated on the citizens of the United States, she cannot understand WHY the Central Intelligence Agency folks are pissed at her?

Has she been watching the news? (Not the prostrating MSNBC and other like-minded IDIOTS, but REAL NEWS.) Does she not understand just how irate Americans, and in particular intelligence agency workers, are regarding the release of the secret White House memos regarding enhanced interrogation techniques? Does she nit understand that when you sit in the top level briefings, give your enthusiastic thumbs up and then stuff a knife squarely in the back of the agency charged with gathering covert intelligence on the world’s bad guys that there is going to be some amount of blow back?

Serves you right, you moronic bitch. Let us pray that the only target to get severely hit is your own back yard. Maybe then the IDIOTS who repeatedly vote your kind into office will understand that the real terrorists are running our congress. Maybe they people will have a great awakening and purge our hallowed halls of your kind and get true Americans who believe in the Constitution and the power of the individual as was desired by the founders.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


10 thoughts on “Pelosi Knickers In A Bunch

    • Mel,…

      The agenda she (they) have is clear.

      They have a window of opportunity and they are going to maximize it.

      They are going to push the socialist agenda as far as they can.

      They are also messing with our Constitution, as far as the congress will let them go.

      !st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 22nd Amendment.

      What bothers me the most is the fact they can legislate behind closed doors, on Friday night with a blocked media.

      This is becoming a socialistic bureaucracy.

  1. Serves her right. Maybe…just maybe… info will be ‘mysteriously’ released concerning all the illegal aliens working in her vinyard back in Kalifornia. I’ve no substance of fact…just a wishful thought. All this knowing the ‘WH Propaganda Corps’ (MSM) will just ignore it anyway…

  2. Hey, as far as morons go, check out frugal cafe and the SENATORS THAT WERE STUCK ON AN ESCALATOR. !!!!

    Yes, the above line is correct, a classic u-tube exposure of the idiots we elected.

    All they had to do is to walk 300 yards to their destination.

    Oh No !!

    And The POTUS and the vicePOTUS went to a burger joint today.
    Obviously with much security and many cameras.

    Maybe this is the new GREEN MOVEMENT from the WHITE HOUSE.

    After all, they (we) spent a lot of money on that New York fly by.
    We have to show the American People how to save.

    Condescending Bastard.

  3. She is the Wicked Witch and her cohorts, The Flying Monkeys. I just wish someone would dump a pail of water on her and be done with it.

  4. She is the Capital Clown and California needs to wake up and get someone with the real people’s interest at heart in there! She’s pathetic! She’s been in Congress for 22 years, but it’s all Bush’s fault!

  5. I heard this morning that Pelosi will not allow a vote on the fairness doctrine by not bringing it to the floor.

    How in the hell does she get away with this crap?

    Where are our representatives?

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