Again With The Ethical People

I am not even going to comment (much) on this.

Global warming is such a farce that now the eco-freaks have to change the terminology to get people to see their side. Science is proving that it is the SUN that causes warming and that CO2 emissions have nothing to do with it.

And yet, the IDIOTS in the House are BYPASSING NORMAL PROCEDURE (read: bypassing dissenting voices on the subcommittee) in order to pass the massive Cap and Trade legislation that is no longer allowed to be debated.

Read it here, before my head explodes.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

6 thoughts on “Again With The Ethical People

  1. Navy… the droids on mars have detected temperature increases there over the years.

    I WANT TO SEE A MARS SUV !!! NOW!!!! Al Gore !!

    It’s all a money grab.

    2010…we vote again.

  2. By the way, Henry Waxman looks like an example of facial reconstruction on a pig that went awry.

    He could be the poster boy for the pro-choice movement.

    (I disagree with pro-choice, just for the record).

    • LOL. yeah, I was trying to explain to someone that the solar system planets are all experiencing similar temperature changes… and they say “How can they read the temperatures if there are no thermometers there?”:

      In the words of Bill Engvall “Here’s your sign.”

      • Agree.

        It’s the Goldilocks theory,

        One is too cold, one is too hot, one is just right.

        We are just right, right now.

        what the hell does LOL mean ???

        I’m an old fart, and see this on a lot of links.

  3. Far out, now I can speak fluently over many diversified media,
    and will continue to FWY, HAHAHA.


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