The Government Knows Best, So Just Shut Up

Here we go again. People in congress have laughed it off. People in the media have said that it will not hapopen, because it is just plain dumb.

Welcome to IDIOTSVILLE. The FCC Chairman, Michael Copps, has now put together a ‘panel’ that will help in charting a new course in the broadcasting world.

Copps said, “I am extremely pleased to announce the membership of this vital Advisory Committee, which will provide an important and independent voice for strengthening our commitment to diversity. The sad truth is that the diversity of this great nation is not reflected in the ownership of its media and telecommunications facilities. The time has come to chart a new course, to roll up our sleeves and get to work to craft sustainable solutions.”

Ah yes. There is not enough diversity in the media. I guess there are not enough channels to choose from? The Fairness Doctrine, by any other name, is the Fairness Doctrine. Liberals are so pissed off that talk radio and FOX are kicking their ass across the board that this is their only chance to be heard. We shall fight them tooth and nail.

Get ready to fight the good fight.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


3 thoughts on “The Government Knows Best, So Just Shut Up

  1. Right on.

    We, the taxpayers already fund NPR and PBS, and many other agencies that we don’t know about because they are buried in policies that are so obscure we can never know where our money is going.

    Air America,….is it still there ?

    I heard they are on their knees because no-one listens to it, and they can’t get advertisers.

    Capitalism at it’s best.

    Socialistic policies are in force big time.

    The term limits of the president are under review, meaning that the congress could rescind the limit of 2 terms for the POTUS.

    This would revoke the 22nd Amendment.

    This government is attempting to make our country into a third world, socialistic environment, and I’ll be damned if they are going to get away with it without a fight.

    The Tea Parties are a first step, July 4th will be the next one, however, the government is virtually ignoring a major percentage of the American People that are trying to make their voices heard.

    Navy,…great post.

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