Muslim Extremism Reaches New Low

What the hell kind of people are they? I know they hate America because we kick their ass when it comes to having freedom, living quality lives, etc. I know that they follow the twisted doctrine of their religion, and do whatever they can to get in the news. I know that they are stupid enough to purposefully kill THEMSELVES to prove some stupid point.

I also know that the rest of the Muslim world is silent about screaming out against them because they either secretly root for the terrorist groups or are too scared of them and fear thy may have retribution brought down upon them.

Now we find a case buried on PAGE FOUR of the new York Times. PAGE FRICKING FOUR. The story explains how a woman, holding the hand of her child and standing in a Baghdad food line with other women and children, blew herself up. How can any mother perform such an act and no one talk about it?

And those who do, bury in in the depths of their paper. Had the US military killed some civilians at that food line while rooting out true terrorists, it would have been front page news across the world and sparked outrage and calls for investigations.

Sick. We are all sick.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


One thought on “Muslim Extremism Reaches New Low

  1. Navy,…

    My Dad used to take us out in a stream to seine minnows.

    When we came out of the water there were leaches on our legs, and Dad told us to pull them off and throw them in the grass.

    Dad, why not put them back in the water?

    Dad said they already had their dinner, now kill’um.

    Oddly close to what we have now in congress.

    I say vote them out to the private sector.

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