It’s GaffeTastic

The arrogance of this administration is unprecedented. Everything done is done in an effort to make them look pretty and to get people talking about how smooth and hip they are or how much SWAGGA they have. When will the media frenzy end? Personally, I think that in the end they will be hurt by the continual pressure, as the average citizen can only take so much of the incessant self-promotion.

Case in point is our new Vice President, Joe Biden. Joe has a habit of shooting from the hip, something I do not fault him for. He has, upon occasion, given our side much food to chew on, but his latest ‘gaffe’ I do not understand. Joe went on on a news program and said that he, personally, would avoid planes and subways. Ok, nothing wrong here, if you want to avoid getting sick. One DOES avoid closed in spaces.

So why, then, does the administration rush to get a correction out? He only meant planes to Mexico (even though he actually SAID that eh did not mean just going to Mexico)? Well, as Doug Powers points out, I guess it is a good thing that we avoid the subway to Mexico as well.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower.

16 thoughts on “It’s GaffeTastic

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    • Ditto. Service is service, regardless of locations and difficulty.

      make sure you stop by our Blog Radio show tomorrow night. Looks to be a great time with conservative film maker Jack Marino.

  2. Navy, I think this administration is going to be on it’s knees by the 2010 election.

    The remnant of the conservative people out there that really want this country back are going to vote in 2010.

    The mastery of the media, and Obama, and his puppetiers will not persuade the true Americans.

    His following is either ignorant, socialist or both.

    There is no reason we should allow this country to be destroyed by this a$$hole or his machine.

    BTW.. I read about you on the header, and agree with your philosophies.

    At this point I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you anyday.

      • 69-73 communications, I didn’t have the eyes for flying.
        Only in for four years, but wish I would have stayed in longer, you know, hind sight….whatever.

        At that time there was a draft, and I didn’t want to carry a rifle thru the jungle, so I enlisted in the AF right out of high school.
        The rest is history.

        Thanks for your service.

        Brother’s and Sister’s in arms are arm and arm.

    • No, I was an Engineer… below decks in the 110+ degree heat, making the ship go thattaway… or up on the flight deck, making sure they gear that launched the planes worked… stuff like that


      • Navy………

        Nasty duty, I commend you for your service.

        Ours wasn’t that bad, but we had to contend with snakes and other varmints in the Philippines.

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