What A Tangled Web They Weave

I received this from a friend of mine via Facebook. Think what you will about conspiracy theories, this ‘theory’ is all based upon reports being published in the news media. I want to thank him for this, as any one item is concerning, but all combined weave a very scary web of disaster.

Three seemingly unrelated headlines in the news last week together weave a dangerous web. The three stories are: Obama’s arrival in Turkey last Sunday night, few days later the DEBKA file quoted senior Israeli military circles as staggered by the discovery that US president Barack Obama had approved a large Turkish arms sale to the Lebanese army, half of whose manpower are Shiites loyal to Hezbollah. This was taken as further proof that the US president is deaf to Israel’s immediate security concerns.
Our sources note that neither Washington nor Ankara bothered to inform Israel of the transaction or its scope. More can be read here.

Second: the nomination of David Hamilton to the federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the radical socialist judge who issued controversial rulings (banning public prayers offered “in Jesus name,” while allowing prayers with Allah’s Name and promoting abortion. Judge Hamilton wrote: “The injunction orders the Speaker…that the prayers should not use Christ’s name or title or any other denominational appeal…If those offering prayers in the Indiana House of Representatives choose to use the Arabic ‘Allah’…the court sees little risk that the choice of language would advance a particular religion or disparage others.

Read about those who oppose his agenda.

Third: a lawsuit to investigate political activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a prelude to the characterassassination of Gov. Mitt Romney, a remarkable foe of the Obama machine.

Lastly, we need a bit of comic relief from all of this idiocy.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


8 thoughts on “What A Tangled Web They Weave

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  2. All three decisions are results of his mindset after a Muslim upbringing. Oops, sorry he’s a Christian. Ha,ha.

  3. No surprise here…POTUSINO knows there isn’t a thing anyone can do to stop him for at least till 2010 and he’s spreading it all around as fast as he can to further his agenda…The old ‘bait and switch’. Be vigilant…something else will show up soon……

  4. I think Axelrod is “the man behind the curtain”.

    He was insrumental running BO’s campaign, and now is calling the shots with this administration.

    Their agenda is nefarious at best.

    2010, we vote again.

    • Posted on Hey, I just found you and your brilliant video! Love to ccnoent with you Can you @reply me on twitter? @laurahames. definitely called for action! Laura xo

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