100 Days Of Night

UPDATE: The demon leader has already reached cult status. My only comment is that I HOPE that it is always darkest before the dawn.

100 days of nightThe movie 30 Days Of Night was not the best movie ever, but for the genre it was pretty good. Vampires descend on a small Alaskan town when the sun dips below the horizon and stays there for 30 days. The demon group sucks the life from everyone in the town, rounding them up and feeding non stop. It was gruesome, but what was most scary is what you knew was happening, but could not quite see it.

It now seems that we are caught in the sequel to that graphic-novel-gone-video. 100 Days Of Night: The Obama Strain has swooped down upon the land, covering the country in its blanket of secrecy, misdirection and unseen horrors seen flitting on the edges of our peripheral vision. Every act taken does more to suck the red-blooded Americanism from its citizens, leaving dried up husks of what once was greatness and goodness in the world.

The new leader of this band of blood-suckers depicts itself in the vein of other great leaders such as Lincoln, Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt, but the fact is that this creature can assume whatever form it needs to lull those who listen to it speak into a false sense of security. When the timing is right, it will twist what it said into something perverse and snatch the onlookers into its claws, shredding them into food for its minions.

There is, assuredly, a darkness on the land, but the scarier part is that there are many who find this darkness to be enlightening. They find this ‘change’ to be exactly what they hoped for. What they don’t understand is that, like the token pet human in the movie, when its masters grow tired the beasts will turn and feast upon the slaves as well, because they will be the only food left.

Is there hope on the horizon? Watch the movie to find out, but like all good struggles, strength of the human spirit cannot be discounted.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


9 thoughts on “100 Days Of Night

  1. You called me a ‘visionary’ in a prior post…sir, I have been surpassed 🙂 !
    EXCELLENT analogy !!!
    The thing of it is, the sheeple don’t or won’t see the error of their ways ’till it’s too late. I just hope rational thinkers can hold out long enough to correct the mistake of the recent past and set the ‘ship of state’ on a course of long term prosperity for all its people.

  2. Just keep the good stuff coming…awesomely awesome .
    btw, you’ve heard the WH is asking for 1 hour in primetime on the networks (during sweeps week, no less !) for Barry’s ‘network appreciation’ presser, right?
    Time to break out my vid of “In Harms Way” w/ John Wayne

    PS… ONLY 100 days ???? Dang ! sure seems longer than that, huh?

  3. 100 loooong days. I feel like the kid in the backseat asking, Are we there yet?” Instead I’m asking, “Is he out of office yet?”

  4. Well said…but…it is too late!The balance between reasonable people and idiots has changed in America.The idiots exceed the 50% barrier who gives them the power to,blindly,force Obama’s agenda upon all of us.There is no return from this,we will experience what is like to live under a communist regim (not a “socialist” one!) within the next 8 years.What a pitty…

    • DD…don’t give up yet, American Conservatives, and common sense will prevail.

      We can beat them as we watch them beat themselves.

      Ignorance is a formidable enemy, that’s why I have confidence in the backbone of this Country to wake up and see what’s going on.

      This administration is Carter’s on steroids.

      I think BO is a 1 termer; and the majorities in congress will be reversed in 2010.

      Have confidence !!!

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