Stand By For Heavy Rolls

UPDATE: Check out ASSHOLE Schumer, the dickwad who says we don’t care about the ‘tiny pork’ in the bills. Back in 2004, he said TORTURE IS UNDERSTANDABLE IN SOME CIRCUMSTANCES!!

In what I can only call a sincere act of treason by the likes of the New York Times and the ACLU, the Defense Department is going to release 44 images showing prisoner abuse in various prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also to be released are some CIA documents and documentation regarding the internal investigations held.

What the hell does the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION have to do with TERRORIST PRISONER rights? Of course, I know that the Freedom of Information Act allows for the procurement of these things, but up until now the Executive Branch has blocked the request.

Why? Because they know just how DAMAGING these documents will be to our military. This is nothing more than another attempt by the left wing anti-American, destroy-our-way-of-life, assholes to bring America down one more rung in the world.

Do I agree with the abuse? No. Were the incidents investigated? Yes. Enough said. If those who perpetrated the acts were punished, why not leave it at that? What, other than a sincerely TREASONOUS desire, would one have a need to see the pictures and then publish them for the world to see?

I so hate what these radicals are doing to our country. And don’t try to cover their treacherous asses with freedom of speech and press and that crap. They have NO BUSINESS trying to slander the name of those military members out there fighting the good fight.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


2 thoughts on “Stand By For Heavy Rolls

  1. I agree Navy.

    They are trying to devastate our fellow military brothers and sisters.

    You were not drafted, and neither was I.

    We ENLISTED to serve the country, and get an education, which we did.

    There are many other young people out there that need a direction, and they should consider a term, or a career in the service of our country.

    I recently talked to a young man that was assigned to this area as a recruiter, assigned to 101st Airborne.
    I asked him how he was being received in the community.

    He said that some of the schools would not let him in the door.

    Is this America ?

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