Greenie Weenies: Not Just Scrubbing Pads Any More

UPDATE: Nice video about PEOPLE making Earth better, not worse.

Global Warming is false. After all, how does one explain the recent report that the Earth has been COOLING for the past seven years? Not only that, we are COOLING at nearly as fast a rate as the IPCC says we are supposed to be warming. Of course, you don’t see anyone mentioning that fact. In particular, the MSM has completely ignored the fact.

Well, they have not completely ignored it. The do try to debunk the facts, but when they do they normally wind up contracting Foot-In-Mouth disease. Case in point is the argument for and against Cap n Trade. That is the program designed to charge you for excessive emission of CO2, that pesky little ‘pollutant’ that has everyone in a tizzy over the melting of the planet. The problem I have is that CO2 is minuscule with respect tom affecting climate. Water, of course, is the major player, but one does not hear of anyone trying to dry up they atmosphere. Why not? Perhaps because it is crazy?

I also want to know why no one is suing the IPCC on behalf of all of the plant life we are starving my limiting the food they need. Just a question I have, so don’t freak out on me for asking. The only dumb question is the one not asked, right?

So anyway, with Earth Day in full swing, the three days of hearings on the Cap n Trade issue are going on in congress. If they go forward with this, there will be heavy fines and taxes imposed on those businesses responsible for killing our planet by turning it into a slow cooker. What is not being said is what those business will be. Perhaps because if the public actually learns they will oppose it?

Energy. That is the major industry affected. When the taxes are imposed, do you think that the energy companies will eat the profits lost? Hardly. They will pass it on to the consumer. So much for not raising anyone’s taxes. If you use electricity you will be paying much higher rates. Add, then, the auto industry. In order to make ‘green’ cars, they will be forced to jack up the prices. Again, one of those consequences not being mentioned.

Although, with the government running 2/3 of the auto industry, and more than likely taking control of Energy when it all begins to buckle under heavy losses. Think it won’t happen? Imagine the government imposing limits on charges that can be passed onto consumers, so they companies WILL lose profits and thus go under, paving the way for the government to ‘bail them out’.

But no one in the main stream is talking about it, because the global warming farce is going full throttle. An eco-freak’s wet dream. God save us from our saviors.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

8 thoughts on “Greenie Weenies: Not Just Scrubbing Pads Any More

  1. I saw the GL speaking in Iowa this morning on his energy plan. I wonder why he always goes to Iowa? I never see him Texas, where the energy industry is huge. Wonder why? 🙂

  2. “Global warming is false.”
    EXACTLY !!! As usual, great post, rnw.
    These folks are all about the ‘good intentions’, never mind the end result.
    I expressed my sentiments on a previous thread.
    Like my grandma was prone to say,” The road to hell is paved with ‘good intentions’.”
    Man, oh man…

  3. Montee- because driving out oil will mean more subsidies for farmers in the biofuel industry.

    Why cannot we export our food to the starving world, instead of spending billions on a failed energy program?

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