Paid Volunteerism Is Here

We cannot have folks, young or old, just sitting idly by. After all, there is much great work that needs to be done. because of that grave statistic, you know, the one that says we are not a great country that WILLINGLY donates our time and energy for FREE in order to help others.

No, government sees through our smoke-and-mirrors and picks out the truth; the truth that we are an arrogant and undeserving country that has let itself go to waste. We have let our children down. We no longer promote the true American values- the ones that say every person has a right to life, liberty, a house, free education, free health care and your neighbor’s car.

Because we have no clue what is right for ourselves, Uncle Nanny will now let us know where we need to VOLUNTEER and how much we will get PAID to do so. It is a piddly little $6 BILLION dollars, but hey, Glorious Leader slashed $100 million yesterday, so it all works out in the wash, right? I find it ironic that those who promoted openness, free speech, help for the little guy, tolerance, etc, are hell bent on forcing everyone to do and think like they do.

Welcome to the USSA.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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