It Moved! Tax It!

The last vestige of true capitalism is under attack. Because state governments cannot manage their own budgets, because they refuse to cut back their spending and, instead, want to find new and innovative ways to squeeze even more money from the taxpayers, the Internet is now being looked at for new sources of revenue. I think the worst part would be just what tax rate will they use? After all, different states have different rates. What if the site is located overseas? Scary stuff, letting the corrupt-o-crats get involved.

I hope Al Gore does not get upset by this. He has been under considerable stress lately, what with the lack of global warming and all.

I am really curious as to just how screwed up our online experiences will become after the likes of Ried and Pelosi get their corrupt fingers in the pie.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

4 thoughts on “It Moved! Tax It!

  1. Thanks for this post. Your writing is always timely for topics in the news.

    So, is this new tax intended to close a consumer loophole, stop what some see as an evil addiction, punish those who try to save money, or is it an an attempt to fleece the American people once againWell, Congress is remiss to close loopholes on themselves, so that can’t be the reason. Online shopping… well, I don’t think that qualifies as an addiction. The idea of punishing cost conscious consumers is contrary to the Obama plan…you know, spending money to help the economy, so that can’t be it. That leaves just one thing… government hands in our pockets once again.

    When will enough, be enough? With the current crop of thieves in office, it will never be enough. Their time seems to spent trying to find innovative ways to tax us, or in finding ways for themselves to avoid paying taxes, while at the same time ensuring they stay in power. How difficult would it be to throw a monkey wrench in to their plans? If this bill is passed, and signed by Obama, we’ll need to stop buying online. My appologies to the online merchants, but you better make plans to find another source of income. Perhaps, a barter system? Some tell me the left has used this system for quite some time, and is regarded as “the underground economy.”

    When will America wake up, and take this country back from the power brokers who want to control everything we do, think, make, and earn?

    Just look at how much they jack up prices here:

  2. I heard about a report from Australia that Antarctic ice is growing. I had to say a prayer for poor Al. Not really.

  3. Montee-
    If you are up on Friday nights, I have a BlogTalkRadio show at 11pm EST.

    This week I will be talking about the recent reports concerning Global Cooling. 🙂

    Check out my Blog Talk Radio tab for the link and comment page.

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