If You Disagree, You Are A Dumb Bitch

UPDATE: The Pinhead retracts his apology and then invokes an even harsher term for Miss California. What a loser.

Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Universe, pick your event. These used to be a classy event. They used to be watched by millions of viewers for the elegant gowns, sometimes-BAD entertainment, and of course, the swimsuit portion. As the years passed, the viewership declined. I think, personally, it is because one of the biggest draws was the swimsuit portion. And since you can get more skin by watch CSI than the pageant, it lost a bit of its luster.

But even still, there are many girls who work hard to compete. They use the event to launch a career or perhaps to get their platform out to the public. Whatever the reason, if you are a judge for the event, the least you can do is be civil and appreciate them for who they are.

Which brings me to my point. At the recent Miss USA pageant, noted gay-rights activist Perez Hilton was a judge. It went down as follows:

Hilton asked this question: “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalise same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”

“Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other,” 21-year-old Prejean said.

“We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage,” she continued.

“You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there.

Simple enough. The girl thinks that the states should decide the issue for themselves, but she, personally, is against gay marriage. The audience booed. Later in a video blog, the slanderous Perez said Miss California lost because she was a Dumb Bitch.

Tolerance? Acceptance? Inclusiveness? Live and let live?

Only if you agree with them.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


26 thoughts on “If You Disagree, You Are A Dumb Bitch

  1. After clicking on the link for this “Slug” and seeing what he does and has to say. It appears he has a fixation for dripping penis etchings that he supplies to various posts….who is the Dumb Bitch….The Queen of Sick Media…..who is also a loser!!

    You have to wonder how some people even aspire to a positions of this sort….kinda makes you say WTF???

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  3. I watched the pageant and as soon as she answered I thought, “That girl just lost.” Three cheers for her standing up for what she believes in front of millions! The girl is a winner in my book. I blogged about this today and about “The Handshake.”

    I have watched this pageant for years. Last night may be the last time. Perez Hilton as a judge discusted me and there was a lot of the word “sexy” being said. I really have never heard that before. I know the swimsuits are always sexy, but in years past the swimsuit portion was described as showing how “athletically fit” the girls were. Now the contestants are trained to prance around like they are working at The Gold Club.

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  5. The only real question is: how did a fairly respectable (til now) institution — the Miss USA Pageant — invite that foul-mouthed, narcissistic bigot to be a judge in the first place?

  6. For starters, this guy should not be attending Miss USA “normal” pageants if he was just fishing for the contestant to be on his perverted, twisted side. If he wants his gay supporters, he should be judging drag queen pageants. All the power to Miss California. I would have not answered his sick question any differently if that is what she stands for…Good for you Miss California. People like Hilton should stick to their own kind if that is what they desire and live and let others live how they want. Keep your perverted gay sexuality in the bedroom. My children do not need to add to the already existing stressful life issues and have to listen to a sick bastard like you make them believe its ok to have two males for a daddy…f.off. MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN AND BLESSED IN THE NAME OF GOD SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME….buzz off with your alternative lifestyle…..bye….

  7. The homosexual onslaught is getting out of hand. The MSM is ramming sexuality down our throats as a civil rights issue; when in reality, there is no way to know if someone is gay or not, you just have to take their word for it.
    Dont let these shameless thugs win.

  8. Well put Stylo…..these people need to keep their noses out of the church and what God intended for a marriage to be. here they are trying to change all the rules. who do they think they are?

  9. Donald Trump who owns the pageant should come out strongly against this foul mouthed pig. He owes it to those young women to protect them from this kind of assault. She was only citing her own privately held beliefs and should be applauded for not caving to the rampant political correctness that erodes free speach.

  10. If man and woman had assumed homosexual relationships initially , the human race would never
    have been. Male on male equals no children. Female with female equals no offspring. Maybe homosexuals can clone in the future!
    As of 2009 no such science exists. Why human beings commit acts that animals will not do by nature has always puzzled me. Perhaps a homosexual can enlighten me………….

  11. They should make Ms. Hilton get down on his knees and make a public apology to Miss California and all viewers. I hope she sues him for everything’s he’s got so he learns not to mess with other people’s beliefs and moral values–something he’s never heard of. Hey Paris?, Perez? freakazoid, whatever, get this through your thick despicable head: MAN + WOMAN = MARRIAGE….STOP TRYING TO CORRUPT OUR CHILDREN AND THE WORLD…..

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  16. I think he should have been disqualified from having amy say as a judge in the pageant for his question. That is not a pertinent question for them. If anything he is the intolerant biggot for his hatred toward anyone who disagrees with his view of the world.

  17. Believing in the original definition of something has nothing to do with hating. All I read and hear are rabid foaming haters judging this woman. She has a right to her beliefs. As a Christian, my God tells us not to be sexually immoral. We can obey or not obey. We can believe or not believe. It has nothing to do with hate. A man living with a woman who is not his wife is also sexual immorality, but it has nothing to do with hate. Let’s just be honest with ourselves and admit the venom comes from not wanting to be told we are doing something wrong. But, we don’t want to say that so instead, we attack someone who was not condemning anyone’s lifestyle, simply answering a question truthfully when asked. If you are not wrong, why are you so angry?

    Don’t forget, Obama believes the same thing. Want to disqualify him from the presidency to?


  18. Typos corrected.

    Some decades ago, secular progressives were touting make love not war and promoting living together. Their promulgations were against marriage and denigrated marriage to “just a piece of paper.”

    Now the same secular progressives are wanting “just a piece of paper” for same sex marriages. The only possible conclusion is the SP’s desire to destroy the institution of marriage.

    Miss California was the real winner here. Those who disagree with her are the true losers. Not so strange those who label as homophobic are now hetrophobic. Now, we should respect their views but they not ours.

    Typical liberals. Narrow minded and hypocritical.

  19. Well he did ask her the question and in the question he did mention Why or why not?”

    So she just gave her reply. Whats wrong with that.

    Perez may have been the judge but he should have already have been prepared to get whatever answer whether he agrees or not with the answer in the end.

    Even if he doesnt agree in this case, what gives him the right to lash out at her.

    Its stupid.

    The pageant should not be turned into a circus by ppl lyk perez.

    and whether he likes it or not, he is a product of a traditional marriage and not a gay marriage.

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