Millions Gather In Protest

I am a math guy. I am NOT a Mathematician. I am not that good. However, I DO know that thousands of people gathered in protest on Tax Day, April 15th.

According to some, when liberals count their protesters, if they reach six figures it means they have a MILLION folks involved. With that logic, this means that we can officially call our event the MILLION TAXPAYER MARCH.

Ok, I don’t totally agree with that, but I would like to offer some analysis based on my limited knowledge. When pollsters go out and talk to people, get feedback and then crunch numbers, they are extrapolating out to get an estimate of the true value. That’s why they call elections long before the election booths close. By interviewing a few, they get the trend and make their prediction.

I would offer that because these tea parties happened in the middle of the week, for every person who attended there were a half-dozen OR MORE who could not. Using this logic, which is no better or worse than the ‘six figures means a million’, we had MORE THAN a million people who attended and/or supported the cause.

Additionally, I was personally appalled at how the media portrayed those who attended. Anderson Cooper, whose show is one of the few on CNN I have watched with any regularity, lost my viewership for anything he may have on from now on. Does one viewer break them? Nope. But I believe principles matter and so I boycott him. As well, Keith Over-the-top, Rachel Maddog and dozens of other slander hounds felt the need to belittle the effort. Why? What is the fear?

I believed in the war and why we went there. I think those who protested soldiers’ funerals were anti-American slugs who don’t deserve to live in this country. I believe that all illegal aliens should be deported, their children born here included because they are putting an unmanageable burden on our resources. And don’t give me the liberal crap about “Its for the children.” I feel sorry for the kids, but the fact remains that their parents are not from our country and our system cannot split families.

I know that does not follow our current Constitution, but that is my OPINION. I think that the Constitution should be amended to clarify that to be a citizen you have to be born on our soil (or places owned by the USA, such as military bases) and one of your parents must be a legal citizen of the United States. Many illegals come to the USA to have their children and thus get into the system and freeload off of hardworking people.

But I do not recall anyone in the EXTREMIST RIGHT WING media belittling them. They reported it. The commentators took issue with those who protested and shouted hate speech at dead soldiers, but while they took issue, they did not resort to childish denigration. Of course, that might explain why EXTREMIST RIGHT WING media is trouncing the rest. In fact, FOX viewership trounced EVERY OTHER MEDIA OUTLET COMBINED. I guess that is root cause of the liberal outcry. They are upset that they suck ass and FOX is the preferred network.

Of course, that is my OPINION.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


16 thoughts on “Millions Gather In Protest

  1. I watch FOX, but I still have a tendency to take what is reported with a grain or two of salt. Guess you can say I’m somewhat cynical and don’t trust any of them completely.
    That said, ole AC180 is considered a little “light in the loafers” anyway, so his reference to ‘teabagging’ on air HAD to have been made with some modicum of first-hand experience…just sayin’…
    O.M.G. …… AC180 and Bawney Fwank ??????(SHUT UP, G-man…SHUT UP !!!) 😉

  2. I saw that…and I believe it! HE DID out himself IMHO !
    Along with that other bozo (his name escapes me at present) that used a whole littany of shall we say ‘sexual connotations’ in his commentary that was also shown on Red Eye.
    I can’t help but get the feeling they are RUNNING SCARED!
    GOOD !!! It’s about time. Now we can not let up. We MUST expand on the Tea Party beginnings. If we truly want to get this country back to the values and morals that made this country the greatest nation on Earth, we CAN NOT fall back into complacency! /off soapbox.
    O/t, Sean, methinks you’ve picked up a few dissenting commenters out there. That’s a good thing due to the fact there should be two sides to any debate. I just hope they don’t become the typical trolls one sees on other blogs…
    Great job as always, keep it up! 🙂

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  4. You should bear in mind the context that this comes after 8 years of people who disagreed with Bush’s policies being told they were unAmerican, treasoness and should “love it or leave it” by FOX News and conservatives at large. It’s also after FOX News people like O’Reilly dismissed Code Pink political protests out of hand as “pinheads” and declared that nobody cared what they were protesting about. What goes around comes around, as they say.

    It also comes in the context of a protest idea that doesn’t make sense. The historical allusion doesn’t work. This is taxation by a democratically elected president in accordance with his election campaign platform, the opposite of taxation without representation.

  5. I agree. There are those in the right who marginalized some protesters. However, I will defend O’Reilly as calling out the protesters who disrupted military FUNERALS. THAT I have issue with, but I will agree to disagree the point.

    I don’t have a problem if some OPINION folks saying they disagree with the protesters, give the other side, whatever.

    But out right sexually-based commentary and ridiculing them like a bunch of teen-agers is wrong. People like Olbermann and Garafolo saying that because I am conservative I have some sort of self-loathing mental problem… apples and oranges.

    I do appreciate your comment, though. Thanks for engaging us here.

  6. I’m an independent conservative and served with retirednavywill. Just want to say, he’s the real deal and never hides from the truth…….

    Since I work hard for my money……I couldn’t take the day off to go to the Olympia WA meeting. Ever notice how the media never takes into account that many conservatives work for a living and might not be able to make the meetings. Funny how the Liberals always get bus rides to their protests……oops, I must be a racist……

    oh……I forget, I’m a military veteran (middle east tours of duty), a member of the NRA (Lifetime) and a conservative. That should put me on at least a couple watch lists…..:)

  7. The fact is, the country is run by a bunch of dictators that no longer respect the limits placed on them by the “Law of the Land”, the U.S. Constitution. They lack the George Washington mind set of being servants of the people and in fact have a reverse mind set that they know what is best for us whether we agree or not. This perception must change! I am very pleased with the “Tea Parties”, and hope they act as a catalyst for a renewed conservative movement. As far as the Republican Party is concerned, if they won’t lead, we will! In response to the foolish McCain campaign strategist comment about becoming the “Religious” party, we were founded upon Christian principles of ethics and law. Our founding documents, branches of government and legal system are steeped in these intelligent principles. The fact that our unaccountable government officials are rejecting sound doctrine, isn’t card blanche for them or the party to flush tried and true principles down the toilet and tell their constituency to stuff it! Let’s expose them for what they are and clean house in 2012.

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  10. this is coming a little later than the others on here, just happened to catch it today…………..

    at any rate; someone posted that the relationship between the original and april 15th tea parties, weren’t comparable……………………..

    actually they are……………….The Origianl Tea Party was conducted as we know, to protest a tax on imported tea, and the colonists had NO representation……….

    The April 15th *Multiple* Tea Party’s occured because Gov’t SPENDING is out of whack; People (American Tax Payers) are feeling UNREPRESENTED by their elected congressional representatives and they want them to know that, ESPECIALLY after that *PORKU-LUS-A-LOT* Stimulus Package, that NOBODY bothered to GO THROUGH and see what was truly in it………………….Yeah, there’s a correlation between the two…………..

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