We, Too, Can Go Behind The Scenes

UPDATE: CNN forces the taking down of the popular YouTube video. Patterico has sent a letter to the network admonishing them and asking that they reconsider.

Much has been made by Keith Over-the-top and his partisan hecklers about Neil Cavuto saying behind the scenes that there were more than 5000 people in Sacremento and then saying on TV that there had to be more than 2 or 3 times that.

Then, of course, much was made about CNN hack Susan Roesgen and her whining that the Chicago tae party was anti-CNN and anti-government, pushed by the right wing FOX News. However, we, too, can garner behind the scenes video.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be the leader or a follower?


7 thoughts on “We, Too, Can Go Behind The Scenes

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  2. Why argue with a reporter. Just put her in her place. She’s a REPORTER!
    She’s not there to debate with the crowd. she’s there to REPORT!
    The next time the silent majority decides to gather like this, it should treat these MSM babies in an appropriate manner. This instance was clearly a matter of agitation. When the reporters become agitators, it’s time to let them know that ALL the unhappy people, including the ones that can’t go to rally’s are watching! We have the power, through the internet to organize simple boycotts of the sponsers of these news programs! If only 250,000 people across the country, at rallies, aren’t a matter of concern for these agitators, maybe the rest of the unhappy voting block can, through the same venue as the rallies were organized, Choose one or two major CNN sponsers and Boycott the products for a Week or so, just to make a simple statement. We have the power, let’s use it.

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  5. In my opinion the only way to resolve the media bias of CNN is for all of us to boycott all of the companies that are advertizing on CNN. Simply do as I am. I am writing a letter to every company that advertizes on CNN and am Stating that for now until after the 4th of July Tea Parties I am not going to buy their products and will find alternatives if required. If they do not require that CNN start reporting the Truth, The Whole Truth and nothing but the truth. I will boycott them forever since I will never watch CNN again. They will waste their money advertizing.

    If the young lady who plays Hanna Montana can have a class action suit brought against her for joking arround with her friends, Then why don’t we research a class action lawsuit against CNN for slander and offending We The People of America

    MSG USA Retired

  6. Ron,

    We must have some influential lawyers who would like to take this action. I would love the be a part a class action lawsuit against CNN for slander. I am an American and I was slandered for my point of view.

    Thank you,

    Susan An American citizen

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