Woo Hoo!!

Nothing more needs be said. Captain Richard Phillips, who was being held for ransom by pirate community organizers, once again jumped overboard.

This time, though, the US Navy retrieved him, took out some of the culprits and arrested the remaining would-be do-badders. Good on them.

All this without a real comment from Glorious Leader or his teleprompter. Ok, he DID say he was happy about the return of the captain. Too bad there was nothing in there about TERRORISTS or our policy to eradicate them from the earth.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

8 thoughts on “Woo Hoo!!

  1. I saw this when I got home from my in-laws. Did not know this had happened because we were watching The Masters. I was hoping snipers would take them out.

    GL probably didn’t know what was happening. Too busy with the real important stuff like getting that new “first dog” to the White House. Poor dog.

  2. Well, in Glorious Leader’s defense, the report is the actions were taken with his approval. However, the report ALSO said the CO of the destroyer made a snap decision when they saw Captain Phillips hit the water again.

  3. Yes, I saw that he approved but it had to be a split second decision by the CO. You know the GL had to get some glory from this, even if it was just a smidgen. Hope you had a nice Easter.

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  5. I hope all had a wonderful Easter (I did). Kudos to all involved in the rescue ops! Bravo Zulus all around!
    What wasn’t in POTUSINO’s statement is telling, tho…

  6. O/T…I’m making my plans to attend the local Tea Party on the 15th. Not that the mainstream media will cover any of them……I’ll be there anyway. This is no longer a particular political party (some contend there is only ONE political party now) issue, it is an AMERICAN issue now, and I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK !!!!!!!!!!

    ” If you don’t LOVE America…
    …why don’t you get the HELL out !!!”-John Rich

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