Cuba: The Misunderstood, Brutal Dictatorship

We are lucky. Because of Glorious Leader’s election, we are now bold and brazen enough to cast off the cloak of illusion our hate-filled government has cast upon that tiny island paradise known as Cuba. In the past, we have held it’s benevolent leader in contempt, prevented anyone from trading or traveling there, and spewed hate-speech regarding the plight of the people living there.

We are fortunate that because of GL’s leadership and direction our elected officials, members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), were able to go there and see first hand what a crock of lies it has all been. They were able to see the rich and freedom-filled lives of all of the citizens there. No where to be found were the slums, oppression or gulags spoken of so frequently by America’s leaders of the past.

The Castro’s took them around and showed them just what benevolent leaders they were. Surely they were open and honest with the CBC. I know in my heart that these men, men who have reportedly tortured and killed for merely speaking out against them, had nothing to hide from our astute congressional leaders. One was even so moved as to say that he felt Fidel Castro to be the “ultimate survivor”. Does he know something that we do not? IS Mr. Castro to make a guest appearance on the next season of Survivor? Curious, indeed.

You can read about the trip here. I, however, have read and seen enough.


4 thoughts on “Cuba: The Misunderstood, Brutal Dictatorship

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  2. Who vote for these clowns? I also noticed at least two are from California. What, there is suddenly a SURPLUS in CA budget money so that you can jet down to Cuba on the taxpayer’s dime? Guess Arnie doesn’t need any stimulus money for the state after all…

  3. Probably gerrymandered out there in CA is my guess /sarc.
    Now, what they need to do is travel down to Little Cuba in Miami and find out first hand what those Cuban immigrants think of Castro…just a suggestion…

  4. I can see Obama making a music video and singing “Love Train.” I heard that song yesterday and his face, unfortunately, popped into my head. “People all over the world, join hands, start a Love Train, Love Train…” The lyrics sound just like he wrote them.

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