What Will We All Do If He Fails?

Glorious Leader is surely most impressive to all who behold him in person. I think that TOTUS tends to over shadow Big Guy’s true worldly stature, but perhaps it is just my jaded view. However, much has been made of his numerous accomplishments, and this is something that I fear. What if the masses jinx GL’s legacy? What shall we do if, and the thought is most horrendous to even contemplate, he fails to accomplish anything? What, and I shudder at even the merest of thoughts along this line, things are worse when his first term in office is over? He is only three months into office, and already they are singing his praises! Do they not know the rule of SHUT UP pr you will jinx me?

What of the schools named after him?

What of the mountains ordained with his glorious namesake?

What of, GASP, the Dashboard Obama???

What of Will Smith’s career should he portray GL in the upcoming HBO ‘rock-u-mentary’? (For no mere movie can capture the Glorious One’s greatness, so they must be creating a Rock-u-mentary the likes of which The Who and The Beetles would be proud.)

See? Now I shall be worrying over this potential crisis for the next 1382 days. I only hope the fear and dread spreads no further than these humble pages.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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