The Quickest Way To Balance Your State Budget


They are not undocumented workers. They are breaking the law by being here in the United States. Even if they came under legal circumstances, if they let their visa lapse and have remained, they are ILLEGAL. They are from another country, and thus they are ALIENS.

For years, the liberal agenda has taxpayers funding every social program under the sun. Those who are not even citizens are siphoning off much needed funding from legal and deserving Americans. Why is that? Surely we can say we are compassionate, but there comes a time when one must exercise tough love.

Unfortunately, Glorious Leader is not willing to go the necessary route. Instead of cutting off their funding for all but the most emergent of care (and thus freeing up BILLIONS for cash-strapped programs like education), he intends to re-visit the Shamnesty agenda. God help us all if millions of illegals are suddenly given citizenship.

Remember, these folks are getting free funding already. Once they are legalized, they will be open to many more programs; not to mention that they will be able to bring in millions of their relatives as part of the deal. Our already hard-pressed social structure will invariably fail under the immediate increase in citizenry.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

4 thoughts on “The Quickest Way To Balance Your State Budget

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  3. I don’t feel sorry one bit for California. They are broke just because of this reason. I imagine when the GL declares amnesty, the Texas border here will be overflowing. Great. I do believe our Gov. Rick Perry has about had it with the GL.

  4. I live in Texas….when BammaSlamma opens our borders to Mexico…all the drug smuggling murderers and cartel pimps will flood north in our state and break our country…..Maybe we should reclose the borders if BSOB orders them open. He will send in the troops we will fight back, and we then will have Civil War II, exactly what this tall long-legged struttin MacDaddy wants….throw him and his pimps Rahm, Pelosi, Reid, and Frank out….deport these pinheads to Mexico and let them relish living with their buds….

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