US To Give $50,000 to Italy

Yes. That is NOT a typographical error. Glorious leader has pledged a whopping $50,000 to Italy, after a massive 6.3 quake has resulted in over 200 deaths and thousands more injured.

What the hell? We pledge $900 MILLION to Hamas, he spends $170 MILLION on his coronation events, asks for $4 TRILLION in spending over the next decade and we can only manage $50,000 to help out a European ally?

This crowd is stupid.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


3 thoughts on “US To Give $50,000 to Italy

  1. Is anyone here really suprised at the punitive response?
    I mean, after all, teh O has already broke this country financially. Madonna, I believe, has relatives living in that area…so I think her donation has some meaning behind it…unlike the POTUSINO. Once again, the liberal thought process on FULL display. Private donations for thee, but NOT from ME. Can we hold out till 2010? Or 2012? I’m not so sure,anymore……
    Revolution, indeed.
    btw…I like the quote by Newton, can I steal it sometime? 🙂

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