Broken Record – Obama Appointee.. again.. and again..

When will the lack of judgment EVER be outed by main stream media?

Doh! What the hell am I thinking? Mainstream media is no longer mainstream. It is a cheering scetion for a group of left-thinking folks who would see our government intrude into every facet of our lives. They are the ‘leg-thrill’, ‘pay-my-mortgage’, ‘new day’ crowd who could care less about the real news, opting in favor of those things that show us how terrible our lot in life is that we NEED Glorious Leader to show us the way.

In the words of Tingly Matthews of The Obama network, it is now their job “…to ensure that he succeeds.” Sorry, I thought it was the media’s job to tell the citizenry the truth of the matter and let them decide for themselves if it is right or wrong.

In yet another idiotic pick, going totally against (again) what was promised on the campaign trail, Glorious Leader has nominated a crook for the second-in-command of HUD. Already a house of corruption and insiders bilking the taxpayer, this guy will oversee $39 BILLION and 8500 employees. I swear, if it were not for this and my new (See us Friday April 10!) BlogTalk Radio show my head would explode.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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