Americans Show How To Do It

Somali pirates attacked and took control of a US Merchant vessel. That alone, to any American is reason enough to tell the Navy to eradicate this menace around Africa. Of course, Glorious Leader will do nothing of the kind. In fact, he intends to CUT the number of battle groups the Navy, MY NAVY, is operating with.

But now, it seems, our Empty Suit will be bailed out by the very Americans who he bad-mouthed, apologized for, and pandered to Euroweenies for. If one can believe the incoming reports today, the UNARMED crew of the vessel may have retaken control of their ship and even have one of the culprits in custody.

I fully expect TOTUS to be on the rampage shortly, apologizing to the poor freedom fighter for the abuse he obviously received at the hands of the evil and arrogant sailors.

UPDATE: Captian and perhaps one other crew member are still captive. Pirates took them in a life boat.

UPDATE: US Finally sends assets to help out. [EagleEye: Where were they earlier?]

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

2 thoughts on “Americans Show How To Do It

  1. Obama will apologize for american arrogance. He will bow and beg for forgiveness, then quickly give them their ramson from some stimulus money in the form of scholarships or illegal alien amnesty.

  2. You’re probably closer to the truth than you may think, pat…latest I’ve heard is the last few hijacked ships are converging on that area (as well as more U.S. Navy ships) with the pirates planning to use other hostages as shields in an attempt to negotiate from a better position. Not sure how that’s gonna go, tho. Should be interesting as to how POTUSINO will handle it. My guess is some sort of weak-wristed attempt at a rescue, and when that fails, payment of ransom……

    “If you don’t LOVE America…
    …why don’t you get the hell out!!!”- John Rich

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