Your Tax Dollars At Work

Is this one of those “shovel ready” projects mentioned in the recent porkulus bill? I certainly hope not.

Between you, me and the teleprompter, I am hopeful that our city governments can find better usage of $180,000 in tax dollars. While I am all for needing to spend money to help upkeep local, state and federal buildings, putting up new art (ugly art at that) just for the sake of spending dollars is a no-go for me.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

4 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars At Work

  1. Olympia,Wash. isn’t it? Typical from those out on the ‘left coast’. One person’s art is another person’s junk, and JUNK is my opinion. Never mind the tax dollars being spent, it’s all about the ‘good intentions’. /sarc
    WHAT A WASTE !!!!!!

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