Get Your Kids Into College

Before the slot is given to an illegal alien.

Like every other federal program, the cost would be incredibly lower if we would just take steps to ensure that only LEGAL citizens receive the benefit. Health care, schools, WIC, housing and a host of other social programs are designed to help ‘poorer’ people, but in fact dole out billions annually to those not even here legally.

My father-in-law’s son came to the US and actually was offered a mortgage on a home at significantly better rates than me just because he was an immigrant. California is going bankrupt in its effort to try and feed the masses- even the illegals. Now, as is wanted by Glorious Leader, House Democrats and RINO’s have re-submitted the DREAM Act, which is just a covert means of giving illegal aliens federal money to go to school. Of course, with slots being limited, this means that YOUR son or daughter will miss out if you do not reserve them a slot now.

And, of course, this NEW spending is just more on top of what has already been proposed. Un. Be. Lievable.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

2 thoughts on “Get Your Kids Into College

  1. Did you know, that in Texas, Mexicans living in MEXICO, but close to the border, can get Texas State money at in-state rates?

    As one Michelle Malkin user said that they are not only not In-State, they are not even In-COUNTRY!

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