POTUS Picasso

Glorious Leader, with a newly minted TOTUS hiding far across the chamber, painted yet another great masterpiece while the slathering masses looked on. “I am not for big government” he has said in the past, yet continues to push for the largest increase in spending ever in the history of the United States. He has claimed that his “stimulus” plan will provide tax cuts for 95% of people when the fact is that only about 60% actually pay taxes. Does this not mean that the other 40% are not getting a tax cut but are, in fact, getting a welfare check courtesy of the government?

“I’m as angry as anybody about those bonuses that went to some of the very same individuals who brought our financial system to its knees” he said yet it was he who signed the bill that specifically authorized those bonuses to occur. “… the rest of us can’t afford to demonize every investor or entrepreneur who seeks to make a profit…” he said but at the same time his administration and congress worked feverishly to impose a 90% tax on targeted individuals. It was only after a large public ‘illegality’ cry that he backed off of the measure. However, his proposed budget contains many new tax increases that will punish those very same people whom we should not demonize.

“And so the steps that we’ve taken are designed to make sure that the border communities in the United States are protected and you’re not seeing a spillover of violence” was said but if you read any local news from border towns and states you will see that there is, and has been for a while, violent, drug-related crimes occurring routinely.

And finally, the most telling question and answer of the night:
“Are you reconsidering your plan to cut the interest rate deduction for mortgages and for charities? And do you regret having proposed that in the first place?” asked Mike Allen of Politico.

“No, I think it’s — I think it’s the right thing to do, where we’ve got to make some difficult choices.” Glorious Leader responded.

What they were speaking of is the fact that there will now be a higher tax on charitable contributions even as there will be lower taxes for those who defaulted on their mortgages. This hardly seems fair, and it punishes those who have achieved success while rewarding those who failed. Sort of like rewarding banks and financial institutions by pumping trillions of dollars into a money pit even as the regular Joe has to tighten purse strings and find innovative ways to just get by.

“So I think this was a good idea. I think it is a realistic way for us to raise some revenue from people who’ve benefited enormously over the last several years.”

This last statement says it all. Punish the successful so that the less successful can feel better about themselves. Where are we going to stop giving every child a trophy just for playing? When are we going to return to the drive, determination and competition that drove America to be the greatest industrial power on the planet?

With the POTUS Picasso and his TOTUS sidekick, I fear that it will be quite some time. Their regime resembles a Picasso painting, disjointed and stuck together like a badly built stucco wall.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


One thought on “POTUS Picasso

  1. I know this sounds crazy but, I’ve been ‘playing’ the IRS as sort of a savings account. My current mortgage is financed at 10%. Yes, it is a fixed rate. Each year, when tax time comes around, I look forward to receiving the excess money I paid in. Now, I’ll have to refi my mortgage to a lower rate in order to keep the gov’t from getting my little ‘nest egg’. That flat out SUX. Oh sure one can say I was dumb for paying on a mortgage at 10% when I could have refinanced long ago to a cheaper rate as well as not getting any ‘return’ on my money. My view was, if I didn’t see it or get my hands on it, I was fine with the setup and I’d get it back every year. You know, no harm, no foul. Now? Not gonna happen anymore…
    I know, I know….10%?????? Even at 10%, my house note is around $750 per month. Not bad for 3br, 2ba, 1450sf.

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