New Obama Ties To ACORN

UPDATE: Kansas Secretary of State candidate calls ACORN a criminal enterprise.

Before you start screaming RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIIISSSSST, I am not saying that an association with a radical, left-wing, fraud-promoting group is BAD. I will say, however, that a judge who will affect (or, more likely in this case effect) interpretation of the Constitution should not have any direct ties to croups like this.

However, Glorious Leader has once again proven that he cares not so much for the following of our founding document as finding people who are willing to trample all over it or, at worst, find ways to circumvent its meanings.

His first judicial appointment shows that he truly does want America to Change. His nominee actually went out and held fund raisers for ACORN. Surely the TOTUS can tell Glorious Leader to pick an actual impartial judge? Someone, say, NOT from Chicago? Unfortunately, fixing his change will be a massive undertaking.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


23 thoughts on “New Obama Ties To ACORN

  1. Your accusations regarding Acorn are illegitimate. Acorn did exactly as it was required to do. By law, it was required to submit every single application for voter registration it received, no matter how unlikely it was that a form would be judged acceptable by the registrar whose job it was to make that determination. No organization collecting applications should have that responsibility, nor does it.

  2. I absolutely agree, and the accusations are not mine, they are the FBI’s. But that does not remove the responsibility of ACORN members fraudulently filling out forms to be submitted, paying people for quota’s so that people filled out multiple registrations; or that their members were actively getting homeless to vote for Obama (and bragging about it.)

    It also does not exclude the fact that the organization is under federal investigation in more than one state for its activities.

    Combine that record with the fact that this man is going to be a judge sitting on a high court and you should be concerned.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your thoughts and opinions are sincerely appreciated. It only helps me see the big picture and enable me to refine my positions.

  3. Yes, Acorn had a few bad apples. What organization doesn’t? As for paying by the numbers, that’s not at all an unusual practice. One college summer, I worked going door to door for an organization that collects demgraphic information published in a book offered to businesses, how many people lived there, ages, professions, level of education, etc. You had quotas and you got paid extra if you exceeded them, and were encouraged to ask the neighbors for the info if the folks weren’t there. And yes, some got caught for making it up if they couldn’t get any real info. The FBI does not have a clean record regarding its investigations of organizations with political significance.

    Thank you for your welcoming attitude. I am checking out what info I can find.

  4. Of that I have no doubt. Every group has a bad apple or two. My concern is not only the investigations into ACORN but the convictions of voter fraud as well.

    Honestly, my point to the post was the fact that here we have a nominated judge who actively campaigned for an organization with an agenda.

    The tactics they used in Chicago are well reported by the local media there, including the forcing of lending institutions to give loans to those whose credit might otherwise prevent them from doing so.

    During the same period, Obama worked with and trained the group. Does he have ties to this judge through them?

    Sorry, I get pretty concerned when it comes to judges, as our Constitution has been getting trampled on enough over the years.

    As for the welcoming attitude, I may be conservative, but I am not going to bash you for voicing your opinion- no matter how misguided it may be. 🙂

  5. Surely you cannot be that naive. The fact is that strong arm, Chicago tactics caused lenders to fold and give the loans as desired.

    Protesting inside and outside lending institutions, going to bank manager’s homes, etc. So much pressure was put on the lenders that to avoid further issues they came to an ‘agreement’.

    As for ACORN itself, I believe that if low-rung managers are accused and convicted, on more than one occasion, it is a systemic problem throughout the organization.

    Senior managers of AIG are to blame for running the country into the ground, but EVERYONE is getting blamed and hammered, regardless if they are top rung or middle tier management.

    So if employees of ACORN are convicted of VOTER FRAUD (different from registration fraud) then yes, ACORN is responsible.

  6. rnw,
    methinks someone found your site that may or may not be into some type of ‘community organizing’ and is somewhat sensitive, eh? No matter. I can’t comment on the trials and tribulations of ACORN, but I CAN say this; no matter where one obtains their info (be it media, ‘net, or other), the complete story is not out there. One has to do good research, and use their own mind to reach a conclusion they can live with. Relying on just the media, or the ‘net, or print , or any other forms of info out there exclusively only promotes the narrow-mindedness the MSM craves and the present administration desires in order to further their ambitions. I have a functioning brain. I can reason things out. And I can reach a determination on a topic to suit me. If someone out there doesn’t agree with me, oh well.
    Freedom of thought hasn’t been outlawed…yet.

  7. I don’t concern myself as to someone’s motivations for coming here. I enjoy the fact that, unlike others, at least out debate here is civil.

    I agree that research must be done, but I also think you can get a large portion of it online. In particular, I don’t get data from blogs, etc, though my initial content may come from there.

    I go to news sites, think tanks, online newspapers, etc. Heck, i even have a FireFox plugin that translates from pretty much any language so I can visit foreign sites to see what they are saying.

    Anyway, I welcome all views. I am very interested in how others perceive things. It helps me sharpen my debate and form my opinions on various subject matter.

  8. No, I don’t do any community organizing or similar activities. Being a child of the 60’s, I am, however, sceptical of FBI investigations instigated by a particular party. When every article reads “After Republican complaints…” or some such. I’m also sceptical of a bunch of poor people being able to intimidate banks into lending when the most powerful people in the land seem to find it impossible. And last, I see an element of trying to shift the blame for this financial crisis from the richest most powerful groups in the US to the poorest least powerful groups.

  9. No. The fault lies in congress, from Carter on up.

    These people who protested and strong-armed financial institutions were not just ‘poor’. Major players in the Chicago political arena were involved, including Glorious Leader. It isn’t ‘after Republicans’ in this case, it just … is.

    I would agree about being skeptical. But I thing there is a bit too much openness and ability to get at the truth than there was back in the 60’s.

    • Navy,…towards the bottom of this thread Alan Waters posted a comment that you may want to review.

      It was posted earlier today 6/4/09.5:11.

      I commented, but his comment is great.


  10. Being born in 1955, I think I’m also a child of the ’60’s. There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical of the stuff one reads in the print media or electronic media(TV). And thanks to this blog (hat tip-rnw), debate can be a healthy way for people of differing opinions to come together and express those views. Now, MY view is the ‘poor’ are being used as pawns in a bigger, global goal by the elitists. ACORN certainly ain’t ‘poor’, not after getting a ton of money from you and me that maybe you didn’t want them to get. I can’t speak for you, but as for me, I despised my tax money and that of my grandchildren being distributed to organisations who clearly do not like America. All for political gain. There is a bigger, more evil goal going on behind the scenes. All this other stuff is nothing more than misdirection to distract the public from the main goal…a New World Order with a One World Government…It certainly ain’t rocket science…it’s going on right in front of our noses…

  11. It might not have sounded right, but the point I’m making is there’s a more sinister goal to be achieved……don’t let the misdirection and deception be the focus. there IS bigger things happening. Germany is pushing for the Euro to be the one world currency already.

  12. I don’t want to hijack a thread, either, but I have to comment that being willing to criticize the US, being willing to point out where the US falls short of other first world nations, and acting to change those things is not disliking the US.

    And regarding the “new world order” bit, which generally leads directly to “horrors! Socialism!”, I also need to point out that there is something between US-style capitalism and socialism as Americans stereotype it. It’s called “social democracy”, and it’s the type of government that nearly all other first world nations have, and it works. It works to the point that Denmark, that most socialist of social democracies, was found by both Forbes and The Economist to have the best climate for business in the world (among other virtues). It’s time to stop having that “horrors!” reaction.

  13. Alright…lets just say I’d prefer not to be a member of a New World Order as of yet.
    Quite honestly, my view is the world is not ready for that to happen. If my post sounded more ‘doom and gloom’ to you, then accept my apology. My only concern is for this country and the direction some prefer it to proceed. That said,
    my view is a One World governing body is going to happen eventually. I just don’t think now is the proper timeframe. There are too many other worldwide issues to be addressed in order for that governing body to ascend to power in a peaceful, orderly transition. To try to force the issue, IMO will only lead to another global conflict that will make WW II look like a police action. Change may be good, but forcing change on others is not the way to go…one must crawl before one walks.

  14. Obama promised change , however I doubt anyone could possibly have imagined that included a total disregard for the US Constitution which is the only thing that separates America from other countries. His approval rating is now down to 48% on the handling of the economy. Even Biden conceded that a major portion of Stimulus was wasted, an inconvenient truth.

    At a time when Hugo Chavez laughing states that he and Fidel Castro are less extreme than Obama , even the liberals had better realize that this man is the most dangerous elected public official in American History . The Office of the Budget predicted that the Budget Deficit would not be sustainable. The US has already begun printing money and no one is buying, least of all China who is too smart to do that. When do people do the simple math ? Each month we lose over 500,000 jobs from both liberals and conservative citizens who pay taxes . Cap and Trade, National Health Care , Vat taxes on any item Washington wants to tax lie ahead. Interest rates are raising which will stifle the economy further. Obama has never run a single business in his career, he has been an attorney and fund raiser for political purposes only. He is not qualified to lead the world’s largest economy in any way . He believes in Big Government and he has nationalized automotive, banking and insurance, and his target is now Health Care whcih makes up 15% of the US GNP.

    Neither Democrats nor Republicans even read the legislation that voted the largest spending act in American History . It was a crisis to act without understanding of the action . These are all facts and should frighten anyone who holds liberty and freedom of choice as vital ways of American Living.

    Obama and the Democrats are openly rushing to pass as much legislation as possible as quickly as possible before the general public realizes that our government has usurped and violated the Constitution repeatedly.

    Right now the freedom of every American is being threatened . The only way for moderate, middle of the road citizens who pay their taxes, Democrats, Republicans, Independents alike, is to wake up and simply realize what is going on . The one primal fear in Washington is re-election and when our represenatitives get the message that they are not representing the interests of the legal citizens, not illegal aliens, environmentalists, Wall Street and unions, they may choose to better actions . Rather than throw money at banks, unions, insurance companies that all played a hand in bringing down the economy, the simple answer is reducing taxes on both citizens and businesses to provide Americans incentive to survive. Does anyone really believe that Washington knows how to spend money better than they themself ?

    The only things I expect out of Washingto are a strong national defense , regulation of business practices such as banks insurance companies, and enforcement of the Constitution which is the only thing that provides any rights for citizens, including legal immigration. The individual States are left with the balance of the powers for good reason. The rest I can do on my own or fail trying.

    No system of government is perfect because any government is run by humans who are imperfect. But our country has been the most successful example of freedom and hope and opportunity in history , so why would anyone want to let it be taken from us ?

    Obama is very dangerous and not qualified for the job.

    • Man,… you nailed it.

      He is systematically trying to destroy our country because I think he hates the way 200+ years of trying to adhere to the greatest documents in the world are somehow inadequate.

      I agree with your last statement, and his efforts to control the mass media will fail.

      When GE’s CEO is rubbing elbows in the White House,
      we have a problem.

      General Electric is probably a state run enterprise by now.

      Right after 2006, after the Dems won the majority, he started campaigning with lots of money no-one can trace.

      He stated several times throughout the primaries that his time-line was 2 years to push his agenda of “hope and change”.
      Hmmm, why 2 years?

      Could it be that he knew that his policies would enrage enough of the American People that he would lose his power base in congress, and eventually lose his DICTATORSHIP ???

      2010…WE VOTE AGAIN…BE THERE !!!

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